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    Gus Szamboti Feeler

    Looking to sell or trade of this cue. Cue I would like in trade are SW Cues, plus additional cues or cash added Can take better pictures if interested.
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    Huebler Nov. 99 Cue of the Month & Nova shaft FS

    Huebler November 99 Cue of the monthfor sale will entertain trades asking $500. I also have a Nova shaft for sale looking for fair offer on the shaft. <
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    Stolen Cues

    Around last September I had two cues and a nice instroke case stolen. 1. Rich Benson sneaky pete cue with Ivory inlays 2. Really nice nova cue in which I still have the 2nd shaft for. 3. Tan leather in stroke case. These cues possibly wear stolen in the Dallas area and sold there if I could...
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    WTT Only BB plain 4 pointer

    Cue Has been SOLD!!!!
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    Scruggs plain 4 pointer fs

    Looking to get $1500.00 I don't don't have calipers but a rough estimate of on shaft sizes are. 12-1/2 on one shaft and 12-3/4 on the other The cue weighs 19 +/- again I don't have a scale. The cue is in fantastic condition roles straight together and apart Other than that it's is Scruggs...
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    Tim Scruggs and others for sale

    1. Tim Scruggs-2 shafts 2. Shurtz-1shaft 3. Meucci original piano-1shaft un chalked small finish imperfection on near collar 4. Huebler Limited edition 2 0f 25 5. Nova -2shafts one unchalked
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    Gus Szamboti f/s

    Like the title says. looking for 12,000 any takers
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    szamboti and black boar feelers

    I will possibly be sellling a Barry szamboti ebony points and birds eye forearm with hoppe ring in used condition and will be posting pictures later this evening. Cue has 2 shafts. I black boar cue ebony points in bird's eye one bb shaft and one local cuemaker shaft. I will also be posting...
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    Feeler for trade Mike Stacy

    I have a Mike Stacy with 3 shafts. 2 shafts are standard and one is a tiger ultra X with matching ring work. The cue has an ebony forearm and heavily figure handles no wrap with ring work at a,b,c,d. I'm gonna say 90-95% condition straight as an arrow. What I would like is a Josey sneaky...
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    I'm looking to purchase 5 hard and 5 medium wizards tips someone give me a quote.
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    Is this a good deal or what!
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    Duo fast gun?

    I need to find a staple gun, where is the best place to get one? i do some table on the side but actually I have been making not so great gun work. If anyone has one for sale that would be great. Also a machinist level also would be great.
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    Boar for Sales only!!!

    I'm looking for $4500 O.B.O. I am selling for a friend. I will accept a fair offer no low balls. <br<br
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    BCM FS only!!!

    I am selling this cue of a friend. The birdseye it this cue is amazing. It has two shafts in which one is test only and the other is unused. The weighs 19oz and the shafts are both 13mm. This is very nice player and will make somebody very happy.Also has a pigskin black wrap Asking 750 O.B.O...
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    Mike Bender FS!!!

    This is a very nice Mike Bender I am selling this for a friend. This cue is in great shape no nicks in finish it has two shafts both have been played and have ivory ferrules with wizard tips. It weighs 19+/- and one shaft is about 12.75 and the other 13 mm. It also a black pigskin wrap very...
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    Dave Tice FS ONLY!!

    This is cue is for sale only. I am helping a friend sale a few cues to help him out. Anyone who has ever owned a Tice cue knows exactly what to expect from his cues and are great players. Dave Tice (new & unplayed) $600 1 shaft Still has sticker on it with the cues specs.<br<br><br>
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    April 4 10-ball proggresive ring game

    The first paid 12 players will be in. $30 entry $10 green fee Billiardaires' club in Kennewick,WA Diamond 9ft tables contact Augie @ 509-551-1663 or email @
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    Josey Cues?

    I was thinking about ordering a Josey cue, but before I do can anyone tell me of the quality of cue he makes and playing charactoristics of the his cues, shaft wood quality.
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    tiger ultra x shafts?

    I was thinking of buying a partial to fit to my Stacy. I would like to here the good and bad opinions on the tiger ultra X shafts. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.
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    Tournament in the Northwest!!!