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  1. jshaw

    Difference between carbon fiber break shaft and playing shaft?

    Would my Revo 12.9 be the same as BK Rush shaft or are there other differences besides the tip? I have a Mezz break cue with maple shaft but it does not break as well as the BK I used to own. I've contemplated having a carbon fiber shaft made for it with a Samsara tip.
  2. jshaw

    Wanted- Leather pockets for Olhausen table.

    Two of my corner pockets are torn, I need to get them replaced.
  3. jshaw

    What exactly is a Rambow style cue?

    Is "Rambow style" a general term for a 4 point inlaid cue with irish linen wrap? Can a 4 point cue not be Rambow style?
  4. jshaw

    Adcock sneaky Pete
  5. jshaw

    Greensboro, NC pool halls?

    I'll be in Greensboro next month and may have a couple days to kill over the weekend. Where can I hit some balls? How much $/hr rate?