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  1. L.S. Dennis

    Real Estate Question

    Can anyone guess who this house and empty basement belonged to? This house sold for $217,000 in 2012 (cheap by Bay Area standards anyway). Just curious
  2. L.S. Dennis

    Straight pool rules question, just for fun

    Here’s one for all you straight pool aficionados, two end of rack scenarios. 1 at the end of rack, the cue lies on the head spot and the 15th ball lies in the rack. 2 at end of rack 15th ball lies on the head spot, cue lies in the rack, What would say is the correct ruling on placement in...
  3. L.S. Dennis

    My First Lesson with Tugboat

    The year was around 1962, and Sunday nights would usually find me at Jimmy and Dorothy Wises’ Sequoia Billiards in Redwood City. My father owned a liquor store right across the street from the pool room so suffice as to say I spent a lot of time at that room waiting for my father to close the...
  4. L.S. Dennis

    Anyone remember Joe Bachelor?

    One of the names I used to hear about growing up was Joe Bachelor, or ‘New York’ Joe.
  5. L.S. Dennis

    Demolition of the East High Billiard Club?

    I remember coming across a link of a news article posted by Bob Jewitt about the closing and or demolition of the East High Billiard Club where Mosconi ran his 526 in Springfield Ohio in 1954. I think it was is the 14.1 section of the forum but I can’t for the life of me find it again does...
  6. L.S. Dennis

    Cue identification question

    My friend has recently acquired a cue that has a beautiful capital E (in cursive) at the bottom of the butt near the rubber bumper. Anyone know what cue this might be?
  7. L.S. Dennis

    Chalk placement question

    Just wondering is it illegal to casually place your chalk on a diamond after chalking up (with the intention of using it for a marker) before geting down to shoot from a different part of the table?
  8. L.S. Dennis

    The Manila Mauler

    Kind of a funny story with a touch of irony, A few years ago there was a fairly good size tournament going on at the old California Billiards in Mt. View which featured several prominent pro players in attendance. My friend John and I were seated at the lunch counter when this young guy...
  9. L.S. Dennis

    1200 or 150?

    Should we go back to the old 1200 point matches or stay with the 150 model? It seems like to 150 and out has become a little too frequent in modern times possible because of the modern equipment these days. Just wondering,,,
  10. L.S. Dennis

    Anyone have any information on Babe Cranfield’s 768

    I‘ve heard the story of Authur Cranfield’s 768 rumored ball run during a practice session, does anyone have any information of this? No doubt he was a great player (anyone who could beat Lassiter 1,200 to 700 plus in 1964 I believe) had be to a Mosconi class straight pool player. Does anyone...
  11. L.S. Dennis

    What are the odds of this happening?

    Here’s a story that I once heard Buddy Hall telling it’s so unusual that I think if bares repeating. The story went something like this: There was some tournament going on down south somewhere, maybe Arkansas where this player had never won a tournament and was now on the verge of winning his...
  12. L.S. Dennis

    Funny pool related story

    Several years ago I remember reading a story about Joe Kerr (who bore a striking resemblance to Luciano Pavarotti) who was officiating some tournament and suddenly past out. With people rushing to his side upon regaining consciousness people began to ask him how he was feeling. Through glazed...
  13. L.S. Dennis

    Sax Dal Porto

    Anyone remember Sax?
  14. L.S. Dennis

    Otto Quindici Anyone (take two)

    (This is a something that I did years ago for an old pool news letter called ‘Head Spot’ a John Morell publication) Back in the early eighties in a quest to learn the language of my forefathers I begin studying Italian. In time, I learned not only the language, but OTTO QUINDICI (that’s...
  15. L.S. Dennis

    Otto Quindici Anyone

    How do you delete a post?
  16. L.S. Dennis

    Does anybody remember Mike ‘Shorty’ Dixon, Paul Tesshier, or Mike Russo?

    Some old Redwood City names from back in the early sixties