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    7 ft or 8Ft ? Which would be the choice ?

    Never seen a "pool hall" with all 7 footers. Why not have him create a profile here so we can ask him questioins about his thoughts and goals.

    Planning out the future of pool

    I went to Pool Halls after watching Dr. Dave. I then quit and started trapping trolls after watching yours.

    How much to rack my balls? In pool. I am serious. Not a joke.

    $8.00. In quarters

    Info on Cue

    Interesting....looks like a nice piece of wood though. 👍

    What’s your most versatile tip choice?

    Good Post KC! 👍

    McDermott G Core vs PureX and other 'Low Deflection' Shafts

    Agree...I have a standard maple and IPro shafts for my player while the wife's cue is Gcore. Hers plays MUCH more like my maple shaft than the IPro.

    Info on Cue

    I could be completely wrong, and you may know this, but McDermott will customize anything. Why someone would add something to that cue escapes me but who knows. Couple maybe 3 hundo based on condition I'd guess.

    New Table Arriving next week ... But

    Congrats Murray - looks great!

    Multiple Shafts

    For me, switching a shaft on the player is just like using my sneaky now and then. Keeps things fresh, probably increases a little re-connection to a certain hit/feel recognition and of course, serves as a back-up should I blow out a tip during play.
  10. HNTFSH

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Alrighty then!
  11. HNTFSH

    Maintained versus Un-maintained Tip

    His biggest issue is red chalk. :whistle:
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    There's a big difference between voting FOR someone like most Trump supporters did versus voting AGAINST someone like most Biden supporters. The difference is intelligence versus emotion. 👍
  13. HNTFSH

    Multiple Shafts

    God forbid a little humor.
  14. HNTFSH

    Should I open a pool room?

    You start with "it's more complicated than that". No shit! I didn't go into detail about every aspect of retail/entertainment business success. Just like you didn't. What I suggested were one or two considerations to the overall draw to the business. I also have no idea what TV's had to do...
  15. HNTFSH

    Should I open a pool room?

    I don't disagree nor did I offer a one pronged approach to success. You can't switch from theme is important for draw to theme isn't important in the same conversation. Yes, lots of angles and considerations, that's obvious.
  16. HNTFSH

    Should I open a pool room?

    That's where the Retro theme comes in, young folks dig it but would love to get real feedback from them.
  17. HNTFSH

    Should I open a pool room?

    I've been wondering lately if a truly "Retro" room WITH food and alcohol, along with 7 and 9 footers and regular weekend morning and weekday evenings league/tournament play might draw young and old alike. No FRI/SAT evening tourney's/leagues.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    A large group of members are going to unite and push for your remoival from this site if you continue posting in this forum.
  19. HNTFSH

    Adam/ Balabushka GB-4 - Made in Japan , Does anyone have any info in this Cue

    I thought that looked familiar!! 🤨 😆 Maybe Weir had a crush or was just a lazy-ass. You'd think pretending you're a Texas cue builder while having your product made in Japan would mean a bit more imagination than that.