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  1. Toxictom

    My own crazy aiming method developed in my basement

    I sometimes use a method I have come up with on my own and would like some knowledgeable opinions on. I never talked with anyone about it and don't even know if I can explain it. I sometimes apply english to the cue ball by using the value of the diamond position. Say I have a ball that is...
  2. Toxictom

    Glue for ferrule

    I had a loose ferrule on one of my house cues and I just pulled it off. What kind of glue should I use to re-affix it?
  3. Toxictom

    1974/75 Brunswick Catalog

    I have a Brunswick Catalog from 1974/75 that came with a pool table I bought a while ago. Think I should scan it and post it? It is so old I think I can do that without breaking copyright laws.
  4. Toxictom

    Cue terminology

    I know what a Sneaky Pete is, what is a Merry Widow? I also know what points refer to on a cue, but what are some other terms that are germane to cuemaking and billiards?
  5. Toxictom

    Laminate or wood veneer for rail rebuild

    I have removed the chipped/broken/scratched up laminate from the rails of a table I am going to rebuild. I'd like to use wood veneer in place of the formica that was originally on the rails. Is this a good idea? I am wondering if a polyurethane finish will be hard enough to resist scratching...
  6. Toxictom

    Upside down worsted cloth

    I just covered an 8' table with worsted fabric. Is the shiny side supposed to go up? I didn't even notice the difference until I started covering the rails. It looks great but do I néed to start over?