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    Music while playing

    Am sure this has been asked many times before but haven't seen it lately. And, it's a not a "what's the best tip" post. I have a strong preference to shoot casually or competitively with tunes playing, particularly tunes I like. 60/70's rock is best, crap too far beyond that like pop, rap...

    Brunswick 7 Footer - venture a guess?

    Have not found this by picture comparison yet. Anyone recognize her? Thanks.

    Gold Crown I

    Well...having sold my Brunswick 9' Medalist about 20 years ago and stepping away I came back to the game last year. Love it more than ever. The problem is, running out today to get some fresh air and a country drive, my truck auto-steered itself to the rural Billiard and Cycle shop I'd bought...

    Pool Movie

    Stopped in a Columbus, Ohio hall I used to play in a lot 15+ years ago and wasn't sure was still open. Much to my delight it's still going strong. Used to play there with Tom Simpson when we worked our real jobs together. Cushions. So as I enter saw some camera type equipment set-up in the...

    Opinions GCore/I2/I3/IPro std

    I am stepping back into the game after a 15 year break. Played a 1988 WC2 McDermott wildlife series cue back then which I think probably had a standard maple shaft. I did like it and have no comparison experience with all the new shafts available. I've ordered a McD G1402 with a standard...