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    US Open (9-ball) 2021 Atlantic City Sept. 13-18

    Easier to get to Vegas. AC is about an hour from any Airport. It's also a dying/dead city.
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    SJM Sizes Up the World Pool Championship

    I also loved the player interviews both before, after and during matches. It was great to see the real personalities. Please continue this!
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    SJM Sizes Up the World Pool Championship

    I would say the tight pockets put a premium on position play and not necessarily ball pocketing. With tight pockets if you play sloppy or bad position, it's harder to shoot your way out of trouble or get back in line. But I agree, like Golf, you could mandate tight pockets only at the Majors...
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    SJM Sizes Up the World Pool Championship

    Totally agree Stu. The tables at World Pool Masters, specifically the pockets, were great. Im hoping they will use those tables/pocket dimensions at the US Open in September.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Sanchez-Ruiz gets the winner of Filler vs Oi in the round of 16. That will be a good match.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Its Sanchez-Ruiz vs Boyes. Score is 10-3 Sanchez-Ruiz. He is in the zone.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Didn't he also place 3rd at the 2017 US Open when Shaw won? This could be his time.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Even though it's relatively new, I would add the International to that list of Major Titles. Killer fields.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    SVB vs Oscar in the next round Monday
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    NIels Feijen YT Channel

    His Channel is GREAT!
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    Micheal Montgomery Memorial Tournament

    So everything is on 7' tables except the One Pocket? :unsure:
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    Sincere Condolences To Pat Fleming And Family.

    My condolences to Pat, Diane and the entire Fleming family. Patrick's music enriched the Accu Stats productions immeasurably. He will be missed.
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    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    This is turning into the Boston Massacre............
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    Reminder Mosconi cup

    Robinson table length bank on 6! Runs out and USA wins 5-3
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    Reminder Mosconi cup

    Shaw breaks dry; SVB runs out......4-3 USA. That's 4 in a row
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    Mosconi Cup Stream

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    Reminder Mosconi cup

    US has tied it up.....3-3
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    World 10Ball in Vegas in March -- still on?

    With all the travel restrictions and avoid crowd warnings surfacing because of the Corona Virus, is the World Ten Ball in March in Vegas still on? Will Team Taiwan be showing up? The UK players? Has CSI/Predator commented?
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    SVB in Beaverton
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    US Open 10-Ball Stream?

    Is CSI going to stream the US Open 10-Ball starting on August 8? Haven't seen any info................