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  1. cueman

    Palmer cue - time capsule

    PM me the price.
  2. cueman

    What is the best way to remove leather wrap off a old Titlist cue ???

    You have more confidence that it will spin true than I do. I would pull the wrap off off. Then take a sharp utility blade and peel the fuzz and glue that stayed stuck while the cue is spinning.
  3. cueman

    《☆》Looking for Original Tiger Pig Skin Wrap 《☆》

    That grade of Boar has become pretty hard to find. The only cuemaker I have known to get it consistably is Phillipi
  4. cueman

    Vintage Window Cue: Mali/Rich by Mali/? & Cool Old Case

    $250 shipped for cue and case is my offer.
  5. cueman

    BHQ missing

    You nailed my thoughts exactly.
  6. cueman

    Little Q & A I did with Ann Gore

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.
  7. cueman

    When to avoid old tips?

    I will gladly trade you brand new triangles for the 2005 ones you have.
  8. cueman

    Atlanta, GA Cue work

    On the Mr Cues 2 side of town Lane Simmons is one of the best.
  9. cueman

    Johnston City Raid - What really happened?

    I was able to meet Fats a few times at and around BCA trade show events in the 80s. I got to sit at the table with him at a banquet once. It is the only time in my life I have been to a real pig roast with the apple in its mouth. He was always kidding around and making big claims. I also got to...
  10. cueman

    Wood ID

    Mahogany possibly.
  11. cueman

    Gold Crown 2, "E1" near Atlanta.

    Jack Birkner is interested but can't use az to contact you. Call him at. 941 400 3689
  12. cueman


    Yes keep capping the ferrule but add a fiber pad.
  13. cueman


    Does your ivory ferrule have a pad on it between it and the tip? If not just put ivory back on it with the protector pad on it.
  14. cueman

    Does anyone bash their tip with a ball after installing it?

    Not really. By pre pressing you are just speeding up the process of making the tip play like it will eventually when they have put several hours of play on it.
  15. cueman

    Cutting phenolic

    I want everyone to know I am fine. This was a four year old thread that got brought back up. I do thank everyone for the words of encouragement. But my ribs healed up over four years ago.
  16. cueman

    Rich Cue Family

    I visited his shop and purchased a cue from him in 2005. He would not ship the cue to me but made me drive to his shop to get one. I took the wife to the Keys and stopped in on my way. She got a vacation and I got a cue. It was a cue he had started in the 70s and just finished it up then. It was...
  17. cueman

    Does anyone bash their tip with a ball after installing it?

    No, I bash the ball with my tip after installing it. On the serious side I press them before installing.
  18. cueman

    What is the most consecutive racks of 9 ball ever run?

    I ran three full racks of fifteen ball in a row. So I guess I hold the record for 15 ball at least until the next guy posts up better results.
  19. cueman

    How to make a carbon fiber shaft more slick?

    i just want to say for the benefit of the readers who may not know who to listen to, since we often get opposing opinions. As far as carbon fiber shafts go Neil has probably been making carbon fiber shafts longer than anyone else on the forum. He was doing them years before they became popular...
  20. cueman

    Irish Linen Tension Tool

    I slip the linen through a short piece of latex tube and hold the piece of tube in my hand and press it to create a drag on the line.