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  1. Kevin Lindstrom

    How many of today's pro players use solid stainless steel piloted joints

    Anyone have any idea how many are still using this joint configuration? If it has gone up or down why do you think this is true? Thanks Kevin
  2. Kevin Lindstrom

    Fargo rating help needed

    How do you establish a Fargo rating? What steps are used by the operators of this system? Thanks Kevin
  3. Kevin Lindstrom

    League Payout Break down Help Needed

    We had 11 players in our last straight pool league session. What is the best way to break down the prize money paying all 11 players? Percentage of the pot break down is what I am after. Anyone have an opinion? Thanks
  4. Kevin Lindstrom

    Rules question BCA 8 ball league

    After the opening break and the table is still open. If you attempt to make a called ball and accidentally hit the 8 ball first. Is that a foul and the incoming player gets ball in hand? If not how is this situation handled? Thanks Kevin
  5. Kevin Lindstrom

    JUDD cue questions

    I ordered this cue in 1991 when Judd and Trudy were my neighbors in Southern California. I am looking to sell the cue as I haven't ever used it very much and it just remains in storage in my home pool room. As you will see in the pictures that the original finish that is on the cue has yellowed...
  6. Kevin Lindstrom

    * lifetime cue *

    Let me start by saying that I have owned close to 100 cues over my 30 plus years of playing pool. Some cues better than others but I have tried a lot of different cues. On Wednesday of this week I have finally settled on what I feel will be my Lifetime Cue. I have ordered this cue from a custom...
  7. Kevin Lindstrom

    Who is best to do a cue joint replacement.

    I have a cue with a solid stainless steel piloted joint that I would like to have replaced with a phenolic or plastic type material in order to get the weight down on my cue. The replacement can be a complete replacement or else turn down the stainless to a thin wall and then sleeve over the...
  8. Kevin Lindstrom

    Rule Question: Using another ball to determine clearance

    Is there a written rule stating the penalty for using another ball that has been pocketed to measure clearance distance between balls or between ball and rail prior to a player taking his/her shot. I think it is general knowledge that this practice is not allowed but I was wondering if it is...
  9. Kevin Lindstrom

    Jacoby Hybrid Edge shaft

    Looking for a Jacoby Hybrid Edge shaft BLANK or 3/8" x 10 thread in a sub 12mm diameter. Prefer new but will consider used in decent condition = straight. Looking for the best price too as I will need to add matching ring work by my cuemaker too. Watcha got? Thanks Kevin
  10. Kevin Lindstrom

    Ferrule size help needed

    What are the differences and benefits of different size ferrules? Why should I use a 13mm over a 11.5mm or vice versa. In addition why are ferrules different in lengths as well. Thanks in advance for your opinions on my questions. Kevin
  11. Kevin Lindstrom

    Tournament or League Payout Breakdown HELP needed

    I am looking to pay all 8 players in a 14.1 league I just ran. I would like to know what you think is the best percentage of prize money breakdown from first place to last place. Thanks Kevin
  12. Kevin Lindstrom

    Who can rank most of the layered tips in order of softness?

    Looking for someone who can rank the layered tip manufacturers by softness. Meaning if 5 different companies make a super soft tip which was is actually the softest. Thanks Kevin
  13. Kevin Lindstrom

    Why are we not seeing more pictures of new cues in the Gallery Section

    Have cue makers slowed down or even stopped building cues? It seems you never see new cues being built and shown off here anymore. What's the deal? Thanks Kevin
  14. Kevin Lindstrom

    BCA Rules question for 8 Ball

    After the break on an open table can I shoot a solid or striped ball in a pocket and call safe at the same time. Thus turning over the table to incoming player and he/she has the opposite balls that I shot into the pocket? I was always under the impression that this was not a legal shot to...
  15. Kevin Lindstrom

    Cue tip survey and opinions wanted

    This survey and opinion request is for user with experience. What I am looking for is your opinion on all of the tips you have actually tried or played with. I would like to see your listing from best to worst and maybe opinions about each tip. I will start so you have an example. 1. Kamui...
  16. Kevin Lindstrom

    Jim Pierce cue New condition Test hit only

    This cue is has been test hit. I liked it so much I immediately ordered a second cue from him and will soon be ordering a third. See my cue review here. Price is $700 Birdseye maple forearm and butt sleeve with matching ring work in all...
  17. Kevin Lindstrom

    Kamui pool cue tip questions for you expierenced users or sellers

    I am wanting the super soft tip but want to know what the differences are between the browns and blacks. Also would like to know the differences between the originals and the clears. Will use this info in deciding which is best for me. Thanks Kevin
  18. Kevin Lindstrom

    Jim Pierce cue review

    I recently ordered a custom cue from Jim Pierce. I had talked with him at the Super Billiards Expo 2017 and was able to test hit his personal cue. Bill Lister also had a few of Jim's cues for sale as well. After looking at those cues and hitting Jim's cue I decided to order one for myself. I...
  19. Kevin Lindstrom

    Guess the cuemaker(s) on my 2 new cues

    Here are 2 new cues I just recently took delivery of. Both have the same symmetrical design layout just different types of wood in each. Cocobolo and Birdseye maple and both cues with Elephant Ear wraps. Any guesses as to the maker(s). If your a friend and know let others try to guess first...
  20. Kevin Lindstrom

    Which cuemakers build thinner handle cues?

    Can you list the maker along with the specs for the handle end dimension and the joint dimension. If you don't know the dimensions just list the makers name. I want to order another custom cue but need it to have a thin handle. If you know a maker that can do a thinner handle say 1.24 or...