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    Roy’s Basement: Gorst vs Aranas

    Scheduled for March 11-14 at First Break Sports Bar in Sterling, VA. Fedor Gorst against James Aranas: March 11: 9 ball- race to 30 March 12: 10 ball- race to 25 March 13: 8 ball- race to 25 March 14: One pocket- race to 10. The stream will be free on Roy’s FB page.
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    One Pocket: Filler vs Shuff

    Streaming live now on Roy’s Basement Facebook page. Race to 15. They’re playing even. $4,000 in the middle.
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    8 Ball Action: Filler vs. Bergman

    Just announced on Roy’s Basement FB page. 8 ball on a Diamond 9 footer. Race to 80 over 3 nights. $40,000 in the middle already. Play starts on April 21 at a private club in Louisville, KY.
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    Lil Al Romero Contact Info

    I read that he moved to Sacramento. Is he's still doing cue repair work? If so, a contact number would be appreciated. Thanks!
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