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  1. RunoutJJ

    Jeanette Lee's story

    If you havent seen it already. God speed Black Widow :-(
  2. RunoutJJ

    Efren and the Turning Stone

    Did Efren ever play at the Turning Stone and if so when and how did he do?
  3. RunoutJJ

    What's the highest TPA ever for an entire 9B match?

    Earl Strickland beat Johnny Archer 9-0 at the Turning Stone on table 8 in 2011. Earl didn't want to play on the stream table and he gave Johnny 2 kicks shots the whole match so I can only assume Earl shot a 1.000!! Too bad it wasnt streamed but the whole place went nuts when the last 9 ball fell.
  4. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    Nice jump!!!
  5. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    Its Jayson Shaw vs Team USA
  6. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    If they dont win this match its over.
  7. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    Yeah this right here!! I can hear it now if USA loses..... "What could you have done differently to turn out a win" USA: "Not dog the lag EVER match "
  8. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup Day Two

    I dont get why people are having trouble with the stream. I downloaded the app to my phone, paid the 20 bucks and cast it to my tv. Not a single hiccup. No delays or out of sync AV. High quality and very pleased with the purchase.
  9. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup Day One

    I feel for Corey. You can really tell that he wasnt ready for this
  10. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi "Snakes" ?

    I wish I was a millionaire. I would put up the cash with Shane. Chinese 8 ball table one pocket. Jayson would go down fast and hard.
  11. RunoutJJ

    Where is Tobias? San Fran? Hawaii?

    I dont know his last name but I do know he was an Austrian Straight pool champion that came over here in the 90s. I use to play with him at Chalkers in San Francisco. The last I heard he was the house pro at Hawaiian Brian's on Oauo. Thanks in Advance :)
  12. RunoutJJ

    T-REX live One Pocket on Facebook
  13. RunoutJJ

    Tyler showing true class

    Oscar and Tyler are racing to 8 and the score is 4-4. Oscar had a touchy shot from the 8 to the 9 ball and came up short and on the 50 yard line. There was a spectator being loud on his phone and was disrupting Oscar. Oscar finally got up and approached the guy to let him know he was being...
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    Annigoni Instructional video

    You have to be kidding me!!!
  15. RunoutJJ

    Earl imploding in the World Pool Masrers

    Wow wow and just wow. What a melt down!!
  16. RunoutJJ

    Road Stories

    This is the short story I wrote for Inside English magazine. I'm tired of waiting for them to post it so here it goes. This has not been edited. I do not have a degree in English but a passion for writing so please excuse any errors on my part. I hope you all like it. Thank you!!! THE LONELY...
  17. RunoutJJ

    Pool Novel

    Ive never have shared this with anybody but you pool nuts would be the perfect people for honesty. Just remember this is a very rough draft of a story im trying to write.... I hope you like it. He awoke when the sun broke through the crack of the rail car door. Sharp, intense and warm. It...
  18. RunoutJJ

    Fao jay helfert

    Please send me a PM. It's very urgent and something you should hear. Sorry to use the board as a message pathway but I need to get a hold of Jay like stat!!
  19. RunoutJJ

    Mosconi Cup intro songs for the players

    Every year we get the whole James Brown livin in America and some other track you would hear on the 4th of July during a fireworks show. Im really hoping the players pick some songs with pumping energy. Anything that gets your blood pumping!! Team Europe doesn't play intro songs to their...
  20. RunoutJJ

    Player list for the Turning Stone

    Zuglan hasn't released the player list yet. So.... Who's all playing??