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    Matchroom 2021 World Cup Of Pool

    The recent matches are now on the Matchroom Pool website for those that may not have seen them already. It looks like every match is posted with the only exception being the final match.. Here is a link, if your not a member you will have to join in order to watch...
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    Willards Classic Tip Tool

    Does anyone know who makes this device? I have an older one and am very bored, so I thought I would kill some time and restore it to new/better condition. I searched online and it appears Mueller's has the most parts but does not show the leather burnisher or the company decal both items I would...
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    Irish Linen

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    Inlaid carbon fibre cues

    It seems like only a matter of time till entire cues are made from carbon fibre. Perhaps some are already. Are any cue makers based in the USA making pool cues from carbon fibre with inlays? If not why?
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    Mark Gregory Table

    First I hope Mark is continuing to recover from his recent health issues and comes back better than ever! Yesterday I went to Speakeasy Billiards in Sanford NC after hearing that they had recently reopened. The real reason for this was I heard that the owner Jimmy had Mark Gregory come up and...
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    The Future of Pool

    Well it's been discussed many times and finally tonight I got to see it! It occurred tonight at Break Time Billiards in Cary NC. There was a non handicap tournament and a young man ,(I mean young) 12 year old was playing. He was one straight shooting young man. His name is Joey Tate and the link...
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    The Brass Tap

    Last night I went out to kill some time and maybe play a little pool. So I go down to the Brass Tap in Raleigh and who's siting at the bar? Rodney Morris. The place was kind of dead so I pulled up a seat right next to him and start up a conversation about pool. There is another guy on the other...
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    1 pool hall closes & 1 has a new owner

    Chandley's Chalk and Cue Pool Hall in Statesville NC has apparently closed. The phone is disconnected and Google lists it as permanently closed. Opened less than two years and gone. On a brighter note there is a new owner of the venerable Brass Tap in Raleigh. I guess it was time that Tony...
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    How are members able to leave rep that is a blue/gray color?? I was and am under the impression that it is only red or green but a couple times I have received rep that is a blue/gray color. Does anyone have an explanation other than the usual 'humorous' comments?? I don 't mind them actually...
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    Chinook Winds

    Rodney Morris and Dennis Orcolo are playing right now.. Just came on...
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    The Autobography of Efren Reyes!!!!

    THIS is one book I would absolutely LOVE to see written. Just imagine the life story of one of the greatest pool players in history. His unassuming easy going attitude, and his incredible talent would make for some great stories. All the unknown hustles would make for more great reading. It may...
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    girls 7 guns
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    Cuemakers, Pro Players & AZ

    Well the recent threads by and about a cue maker have got me to thinking. Most professional players avoid AZ like the plague as do many, many cue makers. Seems to me that there is a correlation between the two. I have done business with some top tier cue makers and have seen them surf here and...
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    Az sloooow loading!

    OMG AZ is so slow it reminds me of dial up! Anyone else having issues today?????
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    Neilsen Billiards!!

    I am heading down to Neilsen's Billiards in Springfield Il tomorrow to do a little shopping. Looking forward to the possibility of meeting Joerackem in person, I have bought from them before on EBay. Never heard or read one negative review and from my phone conversations with them I am looking...
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    Gabriel Cues

    I had not heard of Gabriel Cues before the other day. He is located in Fort Scott, Kansas. Have any members here done business with him or played with his cues? If so how about some feedback? Here is a link to his facebook page.
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    Searing live!

    Dennis Searing is playing Tony Crosby live right now! Thought the members would like to know!!!!
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    Trade Tips

    Looking to trade some Ultra Skin Tips. I have 8 hard (H) ultra skin tips I'd like to trade for 4 soft (S) and 4 very soft (VS) ultra skin tips. Only want the tips I asked for no others please, send a PM!!