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  1. girlwon1

    Please look at picture and advise on what to do

    I just bought myself a Tournament Edition Gold Crown 4 here in San Diego. Attached you'll see a picture of just one of the legs. They have corroded and I'd like to clean them up. The rest of the table is gorgeous! What can I do? Please note that I will have to leave the legs on when...
  2. girlwon1

    J Pechauer North East Women's Tour, Day 2 Catch Karen Corr play at 11 EST.

    J Pechauer North East Women's Tour, Day 2 (June 25th Catch Karen Corr play live at 11 EST. Briana Miller and Tina Pawloski Malm to follow!
  3. girlwon1

    The Predator Action Pool Tour Sept 10-11 Live now!

    Check out the first match on - Karen Corr vs Brandon Shuff, on now! The match is streamed on Ustream, or follow this link.
  4. girlwon1

    WTB: Justis case 2x4

    I'm looking to pick up another Justis case. I'm open to a rather used looking case, as long as the pockets are not completely collapsed. Looking for a good deal of course. email pics to Thanks, Tina Pawloski
  5. girlwon1

    Sept 18-19th So Ca Ladies 9 Ball Tour, Hardtimes Billiards

    Here is the info! 50 dollar entry, 25 membership if not paid already. No top 16 pros allowed. Tina Pawloski will be giving a free clinic before the start of the event, 11am. Doors open at 10:30, start at 12 noon. Dress code in affect! Contact Melissa Herndon for any extra info. This event...
  6. girlwon1

    Reputable instructor in Nashville?

    I was wondering if anyone could let me know of someone in Nashville to give lessons. I am not just looking for BCA qualified, but someone who truly knows how to play, either a current or former professional, or at least a high shortstop speed. Someone possibly familiar with APA rankings and...
  7. girlwon1

    The funniest home pool room moments?

    So do two dimes and a nickel seem familiar to you? Do two taps for heads and one for tails ring a bell? How about how fast it is possible to rotate a rack in your arms? Any ideas yet? :p :D :D
  8. girlwon1

    AZbilliards Forum Posters photo album, do you want to add yours?

    Since Josh brought up the album I had made back in 05 of all the contributers of this forum, I thought I would post the link here to get it off the other long thread. It was started at a time when people wanted to see the "faces for the names" and wished those that they talked to a lot of the...
  9. girlwon1

    Please Help! I need pics of upscale pool rooms please.

    Hello, I am currently trying to amass as many different pictures of upscale pool rooms as possible. I did a small search here, and on google, but is hard to come up with actual images. Please, please take some time to post some that you have seen or know here? Thanks! Tina Pawloski
  10. girlwon1

    What you aim at....

    Hi. I was giving a lesson the other day when I was talking to him about aiming. This person is not a rank beginner, so I wasnt trying to teach him basic beginning aiming, but just what he does versus what I do. He said that he aimed by looking at the ghost ball, sometimes at the cloth in...
  11. girlwon1

    Your opinion on the preshot routine

    Wow, glad to see you on here in this capacity... Anyway, was wondering what your stance is on what you get down on when you address a ball? I teach that you get squared up with the shot while standing looking at all the lines, what not, making your decisions, then when you get down, look at...
  12. girlwon1

    Rest in Peace, Rude Dog

    On May 12th of an apparant heart attack Johnny Morton AKA Rude Dog passed away. He was 40 years old. For those of you who have been around Hardtimes for awhile, or here at AZ, he was a staple back in the day. If you are interested in further info about memorial service etc. contact his sister...
  13. girlwon1

    Please post info about Jay Swanson Memorial at Hollywood Billiards!

    Hi, Looking for someone to post info about the upcoming Jay Swanson Memorial at Hollywood Billiards. Thanks for the info in advance! girlwon1
  14. girlwon1

    Selling all my Accustats videos, one bundle, all for 40 dollars

    I have the following vhs tapes: Corey Deuel Vs. Earl Strickland 2002 us open 9 ball championship Mike Massey trick shot special in Spain 1999, Espn trick shot Magic Finals 2000 + many extras, given to me by Mike Massey himself Shannon Daulton vs Nick Varner, hosted by Grady and Bill I...
  15. girlwon1

    AZ photo album, post your picture here

    Hi all, It has been about a year since I posted the AZ photo album, I thought I would repost it for all the new members to be able to include their picture, or just look at the others. Anyone who would like to have their picture included, just post it on this thread, and I will put it in the...
  16. girlwon1

    My pictures of WPBA Viejas

    As usual, here are some pictures of you all to see of the event. Before this event, I was on a small road trip to Texas and up to Denver. I included some of those. You will see that there are many pictures of Karen in this one. I did this for KCpoolfan. I promised him via pm that I would do...
  17. girlwon1

    Girlwon1's pictures of Michigan City, Blue Chip Casino

    Hello everyone, I have alot more pictures of this event, so I put them on a photo album link. Enjoy! Tina Pawloski P.S. I ended up getting stuck in Chicago because of the rainstorm for a night. I wanted to thank the great hospitality of...
  18. girlwon1

    A few pics from WPBA event in Rocky Mount

    Here are only a couple of pictures from this event. As I had posted before, I am going to try to take pictures at each event and post them for you all. This time, I forgot to bring my memory card and my camera could only hold 15 or so without it. So here you are... Remember, I am no pro with...
  19. girlwon1

    Looking for logo help, Tina Pawloski

    I am putting together a promotional kit and the printing company who is helping me with this came up with the design pictured below. Although it is ok, I was wondering if anyone could come up with any ideas for me from this highly creative group! I like it to be bold, eyecatching, not pink...
  20. girlwon1

    Pics of AZ room and DCC

    Here are a couple of pictures of the AZ room. I was lucky to be there to play Stefano Pelinga a challenge match. Very engaging guy, I wish I could have made his exhibition later that night. I have alot of pictures of 1pRoscoe, and some of Sarah. You can see the banner that Sizl made behind...