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    question Bob Jewett

    Bob you mention penrose drainage tubing for rubber wrap, what size it comes in 3/4" or 1 " what do you recommend. Thanks Ed.Friedman
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    frey cue

    check PM'S amc87
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    My Billiard Room

    I'm still working on it.
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    Usba members

    Chris's Billiard Tournament ,the entry fee has been reduced to $105.00 for USBA members and $125.00 for non-members starts 9-27 through 9-29. call Felipe Razon 708-878-4197 This is a B tournament. I hope to see a full field.FastEddieF.
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    Chris's is holding a Handicap 3C'S Tournament Aug.2-3-4. Noel Mendoza of Schuler Cues is sponsering it. Noel's phone # 708-938-5224 so far 16 players signed up.
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    Mazin Shooni

    Mazin runs 8 and out to beat M.Kang 30-29. It was the FINALS. Great comeback Mazin and CONGRATS on running a great tournament and GRAND Opening. Also Drew did a great job Streaming it.
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    Women's Nine Ball Tournament

    Top Hat billiards in Parkville,MD. is holding a Women's Nine Ball Tournament Saturday,Oct. 12th Karen Coor will be playing in it. Practice 10am-12am call for directions 410-665 1906 Starts at 12am
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    Women's Nine Ball

    Top Hat Billiards is having a Women's Nine Ball Tournament. Karen Coor is playing in it. Saturday Oct. 13th .
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    Ray Schuler Memorial Tournament

    The First Ray Schuler Memorial Tournament will be held at Chris's Billiards . Dates Nov.9-11th B Players only average up to 8.00. $160.00 entry fee. Noel Mendoza and George Theobald are running it. The First 28 players only.
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    3 C'S table

    I'll be moving in about 6-8 months I have a 3C'S table, the slates are 2and a quarter inch thick weight about 600 pounds a slate, has to be brought up 10 steps from basement ,steps are 4 feet wide any suggestions.
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    Conversion Cue

    Jim Buss made this cue.94 inlays, everything white is Iv.
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    Pendennis Club

    A big thankyou to Paul Frankel and Tom Rossman, They worked as a team to put the Pendennis Qualiflier on.They did a great job and deserve a big thankyou from everybody who was there.They got there 9 in the morning to 12 at night. Thanks again,FastEddieF.
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    Hugo Patino is doing a 3cushion exhibition at triple 9'S in Elkridge MD. at 3 O'Clock should be exciting.Hogo won 2 US National Championships in the last 5 years.
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    Worldcup ?

    I would like to know if there is a designated hotel for players or guest and a players list also is the tournament finals being played at a hotel. I understand Best Billiards is running the tournament. I would like to make my reservations ASP for Hotel and flight. Thanks
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    Most Powerful 9BALL Break

    I'LL have two in mind to start with LITTLE David Howard and Wade Crane AKA Billy Johnson
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    What ever happened To Jr.Harris

    Jr.Harris was at one time the best 9BALL Player in Maryland during The early 90's Has anyone seen him lately.
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    Tip Tool

    Cue Shark came out with a new Tip Tool,size of a half dollar and an 1/2 inch thick.It does everything you could want, shapes nickle or dime radius,scuffs,trims sides burnishes and has a side measuring for nickel or dime radius.The price is $25.00 and free shipping.I recommend as the best tip...
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    Tip Tool

    Cue Shark came out with a great new tip tool,it does everything you could want They made it smaller than the other full Cue Shark. It shapes nickel or dime radius it scuffs,burnishes,trims sides and checks radius.A great buy 25.00 Kevin is a really nice guy to deal with.Goodluck Kevin ,Web site...
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    Saracuse Dick

    Dick Stebbins came to Baltimore,MD. in the sixties a road player and moved to TX. I heard he killed himself,if anybody heard of him please post. Thanks,FastEddieF.
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    Great billiard instructor

    MR3CUSHION,Bill Smith gave a 3 cushion clinic at Big Daddy's in MARYLAND 8 hours of knowledge starting with basic fundamentals which he took time with all 6 students and ending with systems he perfected.All I can say is the lessons were priceless.He teaches and works after showing different...