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    Has anyone raised their pool table because of back pain?

    I'm at a point of not being able to play, due to not being able to get low enough to the cue or stay down on the shot. I'm thinking if I raise my table (diamond 9' pro-am) two or three inches, it may afford me more playing time. Has anyone had this idea or actually did it. The table's playing...
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    Bryant Billiards

    I've never did business with them, but decided I would give em a try. Well, I have to say, I'm not impressed in the least. I tried to place an order but it would not go through. After several attempts, I gave up and decided to send them an email. The message I sent was straight forward and...
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    My son's been ordered to self quarantine.....

    My son and daughter in law were sent home today because they were exposed to coronavirus while at work. They were told they have to stay home quarantined until the test come back. They both are in the IT field and were working to help keep a local clinic and a couple other related business's...
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    Are you staying inside for now? If so, use the time to post vids in the GHOST thread.

    Just like the title says, if your like some and staying in your house until things get back to normal, use the time to play the ghost and post the vid to the ghost challenge thread. While your at it, give some green to Iusetoberich for all the work he does to help make AZB a better place. BTW...
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    The single most overlooked part of game play: kicking

    There are several different ways to do most anything and pool is no different. Some use a long bridge every shot. Some use a short bridge every shot, while some use a bridge length that is needed per the shot's request. In other words, each shot needs a "specific" bridge length, height...
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    AZB members are awesome!!!

    I'll keep this short. Not long ago I made a thread while in a very, very bad state. I was having what I consider "mind bending pain". The drugs seemed to crush me mentally and all the while, the physical pain seemed to have it's way and drive me closer and closer to a very dark place. I've...
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    Please read this thread.

    These are facts as far as I'm concerned: I haven't been to church but a handful of times in a decade. I almost never bring up religion or anything to do with it unless myself or someone I love is in a situation that scares me. I'm in a situation right now and I'm feeling guilty about asking...
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    I would like some action anytime through Saturday in Huntsville Alabama.

    I would like to play anything but 1hole. Cheap to me is $40 or $50 a set but, I have no issues with playing cheaper or for more. I'm bored to death.... Thanks, Jeff
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    Anyone want a game in Huntsville, Decatur etc...etc area..

    Hey folks, I have an appointment to see my back surgeons on the 31st of this month (friday) in Huntsville Alabama. I may not get another chance to play for some time so, I would love to meet up with ANYBODY and play some cheap ANYTHING. I'll be available to play anytime Thursday, Friday and...
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    Anyone purchased a REVO CUSTOM?

    Also, what is the: Vault plate color shaft weight shaft length diameter pin type Having ask the above, what are your thoughts when comparing the revo custom to an original revo of same diameter? Last but certainly not least. In your opinion, is the deflection of the custom as low as the...
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    no such thing as bad publicity.....14.1

    Ive been shaking my head at some of the threads from enhanced playing to Willie was a liar to 626 in exhibitions can be broke by many....on and on... Then, i remembered (been retired a bit): no such thing as bad publicity...... I see that ^^^^^^^ still holds true today. So, no matter what...
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    Matchroom: last chance for gas!

    I traveled a good bit during my career before I retired. I remember many times seeing signs that said, "LAST CHANCE FOR GAS"..... Well, a current thread about Matchroom and a little slip/mistake is making a big splash with some......I was one of them until I thought about it. I know, me...
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    12.4 revo with 5/8" white ferrule

    My cue guy did this today.
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    Why do some folks not wanna be known on here?

    Is it so they can talk chit without anyone knowing who they are? Security reasons? Maybe there gazillionairs and they dont want to be robbed. I'm just curious. I see a LOT of it on here. What brought this thread to be: Guy talked chit, lol.... then wouldn't man-up and play or even be-known...
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    Gold Crown I value

    I dont have any pics of the table but Im told there is a GC I that's never been set up.. and I can get it for ~$1,000 to $1,100 .....that includes 860 and delivery/setup. I've been thinking about getting second table to put in garage area to use when I have "extra" (more than wife is ok with)...
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    Cheap action in Huntsville, Alabama 3/21 and 3/22

    Hey folks, I will be in Huntsville, Alabama Friday and Saturday (21st and 22nd) and would love some cheap 9 and 10 ball action. To me, cheap would be ~: 10 ball...., magic rack, race to 10 / $ 8 / $ 6 / $20...etc..etc.., no money on break, call shot / safe, 3 fouls you lose...
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    Question for revo owners:

    This sounds stupid and I'm trying my best to figure out what's up but I'm, as usual straggling to do so. Anyways, here is my dilemma: I play somewhat "ok" with my revo 12.4 shaft when playing 10 ball, 9 ball and 8 ball. Here's the rub for me...... I just started back (after MANY, MANY years)...
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    Ricky is bringing a Becue to my house for a test drive.

    Looking forward to trying the Becue equipment that he brings. I will post soon..... Rake
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    People that are scared to meet and actually play pool.

    I've came to know several people on azb that for some reason talk the the talk but when it comes to actually meeting and actually playing str8 pool, 1hole, 10 ball or anything...... well, its always the same ole crap, I would but........etc, etc, etc...... never fails. Now, I know as well as...
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    Had a great time at goodtimez billiards Huntsville al,.

    There was actually more pro players than amateur players in the room most of the time. Cheap action was plentiful at $100 to $200 a set, as well as 5k to 10k sets. I didn't play 5k or 10k sets lol... but I played several pros cheap sets everyday after their last tournament match for the day...