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    Just wondering

    is AZBiliiards for all of pool or only for a select few? I only ask that because in the headings I see BEF Juniors, but no heading for the VNEA Juniors or APA Juniors, etc. ...becasue in the headings I see Junior 9 ball Championship (BEF) but no listing for the National/International Junior 8...
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    Another CSI decision thread

    Ok, what is so difficult here? You have the rock, the hard place, and CSI in between. So what if there wasn't a rule in place. So some of the finest heads in pool made a tough call. They have now put in place a ruling that will be the guideline for the future. The US Supreme Court does...
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    A View From the Rail - Jump Shots

    So...I'm at the rail wondering how the heck does Earl Strickland get such height on his jump shot using a full cue, especially in the olden days when he would jump with his playing cue. So...I dug up some video of his jump shot, and although I'm not sure, even though his cue is elevated it...
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    New Movie in the Works

    So my buddy and opponent, $200 Jim, tells me, while I am down on a shot, "So did you hear about the new movie coming out? It's starring Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey. Yep, it's called "The Color of Purple Money." I missed and my jaws hurt from laughing...
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    Bonus Ball Stats We'd Like To See

    I know that we are not the intended audience (once said by someone with a foot in their mouth), but I for one need more stats. I think it beneficial to the WBPL and everyone for them to comb their library before it gets too big and put this plethora of information they have to use. The only...
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    WPBL Lack of Statistics

    I can't stand it anymore. I need some answers. First of all, so everyone knows where I am coming from, I fully support the effort of the WPBL and what they are trying to achieve. I may disagree with their tactics some, but, if someone is willing to invest large amount of money into a cuesport...
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    Players at Southern Classic

    Is there a way to find out who has signed up for the Southern Classic?
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    US Open draw worry

    I always get nervous when I see draws like the Open this year. 9 byes in bracket 1, 9 byes in bracket 2, 12 byes in bracket 3 and 7 byes in bracket 4 What happened in brackets 3 and 4? With 37 byes that means that 3 brackets should have 9 byes and one bracket should have 10 byes. Anything...
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    $18,500 missing from prize money!

    If I counted correctly, there are 37 byes on the 256 bracket in the US Open. Those byes mean there is $18,500 less in the prize fund. It'll be interesting to see who gets less money, the top finishers or the bottom finishers. Did the ABP shoot themselves in the foot? Is the economy to...
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    WPA is so much bigger than ABP - WPA Primer

    I hope to make this easy so everyone can understand. Here goes. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizes the World Confederation of Billiard Sports (WCBS) as the ruling entity for all cue sports. The WCBS in turn recognizes four entities that encompass all the cue sports of which...
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    What cues did the HOF'ers use?

    UPDATED 4 There have been many threads with the cues players use today. What about the older greats? What cue did they use? I read about these old greats and rarely does it mention the cue that they played/are playing with. I really would like to know. I assume they all didn’t use a...
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    What is “the better player”?

    There seems to be a belief in the pool world that a long race will decide the better player. What criteria is used to decide what “better player” means? Let’s try to break it down in no particular order of importance. Shot-making Position play Safety play Kicking ability Breaking ability...
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    The eyes have it!

    So I'm watching TAR Podcast #19 and looking at Mike D and thinking about how the distance between his eyes seems less than normal. Dennis H. seemed to have the same trait. I wondered if that was a characteristic of really good players, so I went picture hunting. This is what I found. Face...
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    TAR Pre-match - Ouschan vs Bartram?

    A few podcasts ago there was talk of male vs female in a prematch. This match-up might draw some viewers on a free stream leading up to one of TAR's excellent broadcasts. Everyone is aware of Oushan's breaking ability as well as her effectiveness at clearing a table. Bartram seems to be the...
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    Hiring process for BEF?

    I was just curious as to the hiring process used to select the Billiard Education Foundation executive director. I know 3 people that would have loved to at least be able to have applied for the position. I've looked all over for a notice of taking applications but couldn't find any. So I...
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    (LONG) How many pool players could survive

    the scrutiny of snooker. TWO Scottish snooker players will not face prosecution over an alleged match-fixing plot after the Crown decided there was insufficient evidence. Stephen Maguire, 30, from Glasgow, and Jamie Burnett, 35, from Hamilton, were questioned by police after bookmakers...
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    SVB vs Stevie Moore NOW

    Four Bears Classic 9-Ball
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    Yes, things DO change!

    Congratulations to the BEF and Laura Smith. They have done something this year that I believe is a major step for the junior program, holding the nationals in a pool room. It had been tied to the Association of College Unions International national event for many years. The rooms with...
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    What's the average game in your room?

    I've been doing some traveling and am amazed at the differences of the average game. I've been to places where the average game is 8-ball on the bar box at $5 a game. I've been to places where the game is 9-ball on the 9 foot, race to 7 or 9 for $50. I've been to places where 1 hole is $5 to...
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    2 things that bug me in posts

    I have been a member of AZ forums for awhile. I have finally had enough. I have to write about it. I know this is kind of nitpicking so therefore I must be a nit but.... 1) Please posters, use the correct terminology in your posts. There are two organizations that have the letters BCA in...