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    Jay Helfert on Gambling with an Edge

    Jay is the real guy.
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    WTB - Plain tad or titlist tad

    I have TAD cue 2 shafts and Alton caps perfect condition. The Alton caps have the crown cap. Crown caps are worth 500.00 . I'll sell cue with caps 5,000.00 Cue is in 100% condition. My name is Ed. Friedman. I'll text you pictures. my phone 410-303-0069
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    PPV-GOMEZ VS COMPTON-One Pocket-December 10th-11th & 12th

    I think it’s already, thanks
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    PPV-GOMEZ VS COMPTON-One Pocket-December 10th-11th & 12th

    I purchased early bird special with my Visa card 19.95 and it doesn’t show in my account. FastEddieF
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    question Bob Jewett

    Bob you mention penrose drainage tubing for rubber wrap, what size it comes in 3/4" or 1 " what do you recommend. Thanks Ed.Friedman
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    frey cue

    check PM'S amc87
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    My Billiard Room

    I'm still working on it.
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    Usba members

    Chris's Billiard Tournament ,the entry fee has been reduced to $105.00 for USBA members and $125.00 for non-members starts 9-27 through 9-29. call Felipe Razon 708-878-4197 This is a B tournament. I hope to see a full field.FastEddieF.
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    Chris's is holding a Handicap 3C'S Tournament Aug.2-3-4. Noel Mendoza of Schuler Cues is sponsering it. Noel's phone # 708-938-5224 so far 16 players signed up.
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    Mazin Shooni

    Mazin runs 8 and out to beat M.Kang 30-29. It was the FINALS. Great comeback Mazin and CONGRATS on running a great tournament and GRAND Opening. Also Drew did a great job Streaming it.
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    Women's Nine Ball Tournament

    Top Hat billiards in Parkville,MD. is holding a Women's Nine Ball Tournament Saturday,Oct. 12th Karen Coor will be playing in it. Practice 10am-12am call for directions 410-665 1906 Starts at 12am
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    Women's Nine Ball

    Top Hat Billiards is having a Women's Nine Ball Tournament. Karen Coor is playing in it. Saturday Oct. 13th .
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    Ray Schuler Memorial Tournament

    The First Ray Schuler Memorial Tournament will be held at Chris's Billiards . Dates Nov.9-11th B Players only average up to 8.00. $160.00 entry fee. Noel Mendoza and George Theobald are running it. The First 28 players only.
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    3 C'S table

    I'll be moving in about 6-8 months I have a 3C'S table, the slates are 2and a quarter inch thick weight about 600 pounds a slate, has to be brought up 10 steps from basement ,steps are 4 feet wide any suggestions.
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    Conversion Cue

    Jim Buss made this cue.94 inlays, everything white is Iv.
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    Pendennis Club

    A big thankyou to Paul Frankel and Tom Rossman, They worked as a team to put the Pendennis Qualiflier on.They did a great job and deserve a big thankyou from everybody who was there.They got there 9 in the morning to 12 at night. Thanks again,FastEddieF.
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    Hugo Patino is doing a 3cushion exhibition at triple 9'S in Elkridge MD. at 3 O'Clock should be exciting.Hogo won 2 US National Championships in the last 5 years.
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    Worldcup ?

    I would like to know if there is a designated hotel for players or guest and a players list also is the tournament finals being played at a hotel. I understand Best Billiards is running the tournament. I would like to make my reservations ASP for Hotel and flight. Thanks
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    Most Powerful 9BALL Break

    I'LL have two in mind to start with LITTLE David Howard and Wade Crane AKA Billy Johnson
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    What ever happened To Jr.Harris

    Jr.Harris was at one time the best 9BALL Player in Maryland during The early 90's Has anyone seen him lately.