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  1. Ron F

    Leather Wrap Leaching Dye

    A buddy of mine who I've been playing with lately picked up a new custom cue recently. Dark stains kept appearing on his shaft while playing. Even after cleaning it they would appear within an hour or so. Tonight we finally traced it to the black leather elephant ear-textured wrap. The dye in it...
  2. Ron F


    Picked up a new cue yesterday. It's not new, but it's in near new condition. Great time too. Thanks for looking. Ron F
  3. Ron F

    Newest Titlist Conversion by Andy & Vicki Gilbert

    Purchased a Brunswick Titlist Willie Hoppe Professional cue from Joe Salazar at the 2013 SBE and immediately handed the cue over to Andy and Vicki Gilbert with a message for them to call me when they were ready for me. Received the finished product last Friday at the 2014 SBE and I couldn't be...
  4. Ron F

    Please HELP Identify This Cue

    Can anyone identify the cue Rempe is holding in this picture? Thanks, Ron F
  5. Ron F

    WTB: Mali T-15

    Looking for a Mali Trophy Series T-15 cue from the mid-1980's. Looking for it to be straight, in good shape and between 20 and 21.5 oz. Picture of the T-15 below: Thanks Ron F
  6. Ron F

    Tight Pin

    A friend is having a problem with a cue - while screwing the shaft into the butt, the shaft gets harder and harder to turn the deeper it goes down the pin. The pin screws directly into the wood of the shaft (no insert). Any ideas on what would cause this and how to repair? Thanks, Ron F
  7. Ron F

    Rauenzahn - Old School - Ebony Into Straight Maple

    Classic and Traditional cue from cuemaker Jerry Rauenzahn. In addition to very little play and a beautiful hit, this cue offers the following specs: 4 Ebony Points into Straight Maple Forearm 4 Veneers - Black, Faded Red, Gray & Bleached White (out to in) Stainless Steel Piloted Joint (5/16 x...
  8. Ron F

    Balabushka Copy by -R-

    Received a request from the Cowboy to re-post a few pics of a cue Jerry built for me from a picture of a Bushka last year. The only thing different was the addition of the nameplate, two of the veneers were reversed and the rings are more a copper color here where in the original they were...
  9. Ron F

    Need Help with Ralph Fedele

    Need some help in solving a mystery, guys. What I have is a cue, a few signed photographs (including Mosconi) and a story, but no way to authenticate the claim in the story. The below cue was owned by Ralph Fedele of New Jersey. He apparently was quite a player and friends with Willie Mosconi...
  10. Ron F

    test RF

  11. Ron F

    Shooters Billiards -n- Arcade Opens In Pittston, PA

    New pool room in Pittston, PA that caters to straight pool players. Link to article below from today's local newspaper. Ron F
  12. Ron F

    Barnes & Noble

    Was in the market for a book and Barnes & Noble didn't have it. Caught up to my new lady who wandered into the CD/DVD section and out of the blue I asked the clerk to do a title search for "The Hustler". They had it on the shelf! Complete with the second disk that features Dyer, Eberle, Massey...
  13. Ron F


    Looks like the weather in New Brunswick will be seriously bad on Sunday. Stay safe everyone. From NOAA: Sunday: Tropical storm conditions possible. Periods of rain and possibly a thunderstorm. Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall. High near 76. Chance of precipitation is 100%...
  14. Ron F

    Places to Schenectady, NY?

    Will be in Schenectady Monday and Tuesday night on business. Any suggestions on where to play on 4-1/2 x 9's? Thanks for the help. Ron F
  15. Ron F

    Rauenzahn Bushka Tribute Cue

    My new Rauenzahn Balabushka Tribute cue received last Wednesday. Jerry did an outstanding job in all regards. 4 ebony points into straight maple forearm. Black, faded red, bleached white and gray veneers - outside to in. Notched MOP diamond in each point. Old school Balabushka ring at C. Black...
  16. Ron F


    Wyoming Valley Traveling Pool League Champions Scott, Mark, Ron - and AZ's own "Winston 846" and "Ron F"
  17. Ron F

    Happy Easter

    Just wanted to say to everyone out there, if you celebrate it, Happy Easter. Come to think of it, I'm kind of surprised that the organizers of the Ultimate 10 Ball Challenge picked the weekend of a major holiday to hold their tournament. Ron F
  18. Ron F

    Is 14.1 Pool Descriptive Enough?

    I was just wondering, the name of the forum is "14.1 Pool". Wouldn't it be better if the name was one of the following? 14.1 Continuous Pool 14.1 Continuous Pool (Straight Pool) Straight Pool (14.1 Continuous) Straight Pool A few years ago I only knew it as straight pool. The term "14.1...
  19. Ron F

    "Wrong" Side Opening Break

    Just watched a clip posted here a few years ago of Cisero Murphy playing Wimpy for the world championship and noticed Cisero, although right handed, played his opening breaks off the left side of the rack. If I recall correctly, 2010 World Champion Stefan Cohen, a right-handed player, also...
  20. Ron F

    High Point - Multi Day Challenge Matches

    Mosconi preferred high point challenge matches for the title rather than multi-player round robin tournaments. Apparently some of today's pros like them as well as many fans. With the growing popularity of long, multi-day 9 and 10 ball matches (SVB v. Mika; Earl v. SVB; etc) perhaps a long...