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    My friend, Vernon Elliott, told me about Cannela. He said Cannela was the best 9 ball player he ever played. Vernon could play with all those former champs you named. I know for sure he beat two of the three you named because THEY told me he did!
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    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    John Jr. is often in Georgia. That's where his Dad lives. But Jr. is often in Texas too, among everywhere else. A true ghost.
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    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    In my opinion there is another player who could/can play with these guys. He hasn't played in several years but would definitely compete. John Hagar. On his best days he was a threat to beat anyone on the list and if the money was high enough he often would be the favorite.
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    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    And I would like to Danny Smith in it too! What an exciting player!
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    Joint Info

    Planning for a new cue. In my experience a stainless steel joint has the firmest hit, generally speaking. This is the hit I prefer but after hitting with some cues with a phenolic joint, not all, there are some that deliver the same or nearly the same hit as a SS joint. I want to use a 3/8x10...
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    Replacing the joint pin in a Cuetec

    Thanks folks. Not worth the risk to me. I appreciate your time and input.
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    Replacing the joint pin in a Cuetec

    Want to replace the Cuetec pin with a 3/8 x 10 pin. Is this something most cuemakers can do?
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    What size led bulbs

    Thanks magnetardo. Will check HD tomorrow.
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    What size led bulbs

    I have Diamonds table light which has six 8' fluorescent bulbs. Any instructions on how to replace them with LED bulbs? My bulbs are single pole. Recommendation on LED bulb specs?
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    Those who are frontline essential workers, and pool players, are understandably confused and upset when reading comments like these. They are the ones working double shifts 7 days a week and watching first hand people dying. Naturally there is no agreeable answer and won't be. What would...
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    Better stroke seems to have led to less effective force follow

    I'm so dumb that I don't know what BBB is. But I'm smart enough NOT to ask, lol.
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    Sincere Condolences To Pat Fleming And Family.

    My sincere condolences to Pat and his family!
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    Coos Cues

    Really enjoy his videos and how he explains his methodology of building his cues. Pictures of his cues illustrate a great attention to detail. Hoping someone in my neck of the woods (TN) gets one so I can see the actual product.
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    Why do companies charge more than retailers?

    The simple answer is a manufacturer designs a product, establishes a dealership network to sell and distribute that product. Each entity is doing this to make a profit. The manufacturer only has to deal with their distributors and not the much larger volume (hopefully) of customers so they can...
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    Borrowed a Jacoby carbon fiber shaft to test hit

    The cues are Richard Black, Danny Tibbitts, Schon, two Joss cues, and a Bill McDaniel. All are 5/16x14 joint screws. The shaft would only screw fully onto the Schon and one Joss. On the others the shaft would begin a few threads to 3/4 complete then become too tight to finish. All the other...
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    Say What You Want About Bob Jewett...

    Congratulations to Mr. Jewett. People like him contribute so much to forums like this because what they say isn't biased, just the facts!
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    Danny Smith???

    Haven't seen any mention of Danny Smith in a long time. Great player and all around nice guy. Any news if he is still playing?
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    mottey , black , nitti

    Bet this comment/question is one many of us here asked at one time. Maybe still asking, lol. I have owned a Mottey and presently own two Richard Blacks. Never owned a Nitti but would like to. Sold the Mottey but it was a great cue. After all Paul Mottey made it. One of the Black cues is a...
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    Clear coat removal

    Clear coat on older McDermott cue is cracked. What is the recommended way to remove clear coat. Don't have spray gun so what is suggested way to apply new clear coat.
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    Cue refinish

    I have an ebony cue by a well known cue maker that made it for me approx 20 years ago and I have used it very little (dozen times). It has silver rings which I suppose due to aging have raised above the wood somewhat and the edges are very noticeable. So far I have been unable to make contact...