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    Joint Info

    Planning for a new cue. In my experience a stainless steel joint has the firmest hit, generally speaking. This is the hit I prefer but after hitting with some cues with a phenolic joint, not all, there are some that deliver the same or nearly the same hit as a SS joint. I want to use a 3/8x10...
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    Replacing the joint pin in a Cuetec

    Want to replace the Cuetec pin with a 3/8 x 10 pin. Is this something most cuemakers can do?
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    Borrowed a Jacoby carbon fiber shaft to test hit

    The cues are Richard Black, Danny Tibbitts, Schon, two Joss cues, and a Bill McDaniel. All are 5/16x14 joint screws. The shaft would only screw fully onto the Schon and one Joss. On the others the shaft would begin a few threads to 3/4 complete then become too tight to finish. All the other...
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    Danny Smith???

    Haven't seen any mention of Danny Smith in a long time. Great player and all around nice guy. Any news if he is still playing?
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    mottey , black , nitti

    Bet this comment/question is one many of us here asked at one time. Maybe still asking, lol. I have owned a Mottey and presently own two Richard Blacks. Never owned a Nitti but would like to. Sold the Mottey but it was a great cue. After all Paul Mottey made it. One of the Black cues is a...
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    Clear coat removal

    Clear coat on older McDermott cue is cracked. What is the recommended way to remove clear coat. Don't have spray gun so what is suggested way to apply new clear coat.
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    Cue refinish

    I have an ebony cue by a well known cue maker that made it for me approx 20 years ago and I have used it very little (dozen times). It has silver rings which I suppose due to aging have raised above the wood somewhat and the edges are very noticeable. So far I have been unable to make contact...
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    Re:Cuetec R360 Cue

    Re:Cuetec R360 Cue Interested in opinions of and experiences with the Cuetec R360 vs other similar and comparable cues. Additionally, how it would you rate it compared to custom cues or highly regarded mass produced cues fitted with LD shafts such as OB, Predator, Jacoby Edge and others,
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    Wood, joint, ferrule tip recommendation

    My cue preference is one with a firm hit. Overall it seems cues with a SS joint have the firmest hit. Not sure that is always true though. I've heard most cues are cored so my thinking is if this is true then the coring wood is what determines the hit regardless of the wood used externally...
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    Anyone know who won mini tournament Wednesday night?
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    Player Info?

    A friend who does not have a computer has been pestering me to find out what is known about a player of yesteryear named "Chuck Morgan". What I have heard is he stayed below the radar, maybe didn't play tournaments. Played professional (alleged) speed. Do any of you know where he was from...
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    Joint type(s)

    It is my understanding (?) that a steel jointed cue produces a harder feeling hit than other type joint materials. Do you agree? Are there cuemakers who use other joint materials besides stainless who also say their cues hit as hard or nearly as hard as a steel joint? If so can you name a few...
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    To Horsetrader

    Hey Horsetrader. We have had a communication breakdown!! I have responded to each of your PM's to me but apparently you didn't receive them. FYI I never heard of Bill Cox. If you can open and retreive your personal messages you can see my replies to you. If not, and you're interested, I...
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    One Pocket is so slow....

    One pocket is so slow I can't remember the last game I wait, I'm still playing that game!
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    Piloted shafts vs flat face shafts

    Curious as to why a player or cue maker chooses one over the other. Is it a subjective difference or is there a real and noticeable difference?
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    Re:Santa Fe NM

    Re:Santa Fe NM Heading to Santa Fe in Sept for a few weeks and looking for places to play for cheap or entertainment. One pocket first choice but any will be ok. If no pool rooms there then a tavern that isn't life threatening, lol.
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    Re:Charlie Lane

    Re:Charlie Lane Many people on AZ knew Charlie Lane, a very good player from Chattanooga, Tn, especially those from Tn, Ga, Al. He passed away June 1st or 2nd after battling cancer. Wanted to inform those who knew him but may not have heard the sad news.
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    wood for pool cue?

    Assuming maple is the choice for shaft wood (LD or otherwise) what wood(s) would best transmit vibrations/sound for best feedback when the tip makes contact with cue ball? Would it be a correct assumption that the more dense wood ie, ebony will transmit the least feedback? Thanks for your input.
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    Santa Fe, NM

    Visiting Santa Fe for two weeks. Any recommendations of where to play? Prefer one pocket but 9 ball or 8 is okay. Thanks.
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    Diamond pro tables (2)

    Two Diamond Pro tables and lights for sale in Soddy Daisy , Tn (near Chattanooga). Tables are in excellent condition and have an oak finish. Tables are presently listed on craigslist and pics can be seen by copying and pasting the link below. 423-718-0257 for info...