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  1. nb92

    FS: 8 9ft Gold Crown III and 3 9ft Diamond Tables

    I have for sale: 8 roll down - 9ft GC III’s and 3 older drop pocket 9ft Diamond Tables 8 “costume lights” and 3 Diamond Lights Approx. 20 high back pool room chairs 11 sets of centennial balls Approx. 60 house cues Various side tables, side table chairs and bar stools All removed from the...
  2. nb92

    Ronnie O'Sullivan - Interview & Lap on Top Gear

    not sure if this has been posted before.. Around the 5:50 mark he plays "speed" snooker against the Stig
  3. nb92

    FS - Cases: 4x8 JB and 2x4 Ron Thomas (Bundle Deal Inside!)

    This 4x8 JB Case is for sale $350 shipped CONUS more pics here This Ron Thomas 2 x 4 Cue Case in Designer Series Leather-Color "REAL BLACK BUFFALO HIDE" is for sale at $425 Shipped CONUS Case will accommodate Cues with Butt & or Shaft Sections up to...
  4. nb92

    FS - Andy Gilbert

    Gilbert cue for sale SOLD shipped CONUS (NO TRADES). Paypal ok. Please PM if interested or if you have questions. Cue was refinished by Scott @ in 2012 and has been in the case since. Weight - 19.5 and 19.7 ounces (15.7oz butt and 3.6 and 3.7oz shafts) Length -...
  5. nb92

    Robocop REPEATS!

    Dennis Orcollo repeats as the US Open 1-Pocket Champion defeating SVB 5-3 in the finals. I believe Dennis is the first person to successfully defend their US Open 1-pocket title (please post correction if he is not). Dennis went undefeated in his defense of the title, knocking SVB to the...
  6. nb92

    TAR / CSI Podcasts?

    Not sure with the closing of TAR matches if this means the end of the TAR/CSI Podcasts. Many of the subjects covered were not TAR specific but rather CSI events or the pool industry in general. Subjects in need of discussion IMO are: 1. The closing of TAR. :frown: 2. Future coverage of...
  7. nb92

    Bonus Ball - ok .. I am a Fan

    Just watched the Finals... A lot of fun.. The ESPN3 coverage was the first I watched it after the streaming epic failure... but now after watching ... one of the most exciting games to watch I have ever seen... (Can not believe I said that!) :eek:
  8. nb92

    DCC win all 3 Divisions?

    ... and I am not talking in the same year but in a career... I know 1. SVB has multiple 1 pkt and 9 Ball titles -- I don't believe he has banks 2. Obviously Efren has 1 pkt and 9 Ball titles -- I don't believe he has banks 3. Shannon Daulton has Banks and 9 Ball -- Surprisingly no 1 pkt...
  9. nb92

    DCC All Around?

    ... With his high finish in 9-ball and win in Banks did Dennis lock up the all around? :shrug:
  10. nb92

    Bigfoot 10 Ball Draw

    ... is the draw posted anywhere?.. did the usual searches and missed it.. thanks for the help.. :thumbup:
  11. nb92

    FS Jacoby Jump Cue

    For sale Jacoby Jump Cue standard with joint protectors SOLD shipped CONUS.
  12. nb92

    FS J/B Cue: Original SledgeHammer (Patent Pending)

    Mike Gulyassy’s Original SLEDGEHAMMER J/B cue with joint protectors. All original including the wrap. The cue is in excellent condition. Weight is between 18 and 19 oz ... Basically un-played.. – asking SOLD shipped CONUS. edit: NO Trades (marked patent pending with the little hammer...
  13. nb92

    Efren in Action (live)

    Live Now! Efren Reyes vs Bobby Emmons! One Pocket! Race to 5 for $500! Share Share Share! FYI -- from live stream forum.. the above just finished but negotiations under way for possible new set.... fun Saturday... NOW .. 7 PM est -- 1 PKT race 7 9/6
  14. nb92

    1988 A little Earl and a LOT of Efren

    Before PPV there was Pat (no commentary) but some GREAT pool.. Efren Reyes vs Earl Strickland SF 1988 Tara Open 9 ball
  15. nb92

    Oscar Dominguez Becomes the First East Coast 9-Ball Champion!

    Congrats! to Oscar... From the web-site "" Oscar Dominguez made the trip all the way from Las Angeles, California to play in the first ever East Coast 9-Ball Championship in Midlothian, VA. The trip paid dividends as Oscar went undefeated, beating Brian Deska in the finals, to win the title...
  16. nb92

    TAR Podcast 12/5/2013??

    JCIN -- are you guys doing a Podcast this week? I am sure Mark has something to say. Maybe you could get a few team members over to discuss this past week? I need my fix! C'MON MAN :D
  17. nb92

    FYI NC Pool Room pics

    ... cleaning out the phone pics from this year... decided to do it by state... the attached thread is the NC section so far...
  18. nb92

    North Carolina Pool Rooms

    Feel free to add rooms and pics .... First UP Smokin Cue 10901 University City Blvd. Charlotte, North Carolina 28213 9 ft -- Diamonds, Gold Crowns and Anniversaries
  19. nb92

    World Pool Masters 2013

    :thumbup: off and running FRIDAY 25TH 7PM SESSION 7.00pm Round 1 - Karol Skowerski (POL) v Chris Melling (ENG) 8.00pm Round 1 - Ralf Souquet (GER) v Nick Ekonomopoulos (GRE) 9.00pm Round 1 - Karl Boyes (ENG) v Niels Feijen (NED) SATURDAY 1PM SESSION 1pm Round 1 - Mika Immonen (FIN) v...
  20. nb92

    14.1 Forum member..

    .. Spotted playing 9-BALL! although he recently posted a vid of a 200+ run.. his 9-ball game ain't to bad either (LOL) ... pic is from 38th US Open 9-Ball (sorry from a distance and with a phone). I can also confirm he can play in shoes (not just socks!)