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  1. srober40

    Joss Professional needs an identity

    Model 3 from the professional series. Or a P-3 depending on what brochure I look at.
  2. srober40

    New to me Joss J-17

    Trying for higher resolution of the model 17
  3. srober40

    New to me Joss J-17

    Here are pictures of the other Joss Collection catalog. These were marked with gold letters at the joint. The model 17 appears to match your cue. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. srober40

    New to me Joss J-17

    Editing this post. My old eyes deceived me. I have 2 catalogs that show a model 17. The name of the series is “The Joss Collection” in both catalogs. the first catalog (poster) has white lettering at the joint. The model 17 in the poster does not match your cue. the second catalog has...
  5. srober40

    New to me Joss J-17

    Garczar. I concurr.
  6. srober40

    New to me Joss J-17

    Mid to late 1980’s model 17 guessing it has Joss in gold letters at the joint? If it has white lettering at the joint I may be incorrect.
  7. srober40

    Jerry Rauenzahn Cue on eBay

    Just a simple 4 point. Thanks for looking.
  8. srober40

    Willard’s Classic tipping and trimming machine

    Link to eBay auction. Thanks for viewing.
  9. srober40

    McDermott D12

    Looking for a McDermott D12. Thanks Scott
  10. srober40

    Joss J-18

    Here are a few pictures of the same model made at different times. Some interesting observations. 1. Buttsleeves are different lengths (Can't tell from the pictures) 2. Pins are different lengths 3. Cue on left has regular MOP diamonds (no notches) 4. Cue on right has no inlays in the...
  11. srober40

    Joss Some more pictures

    Having trouble with reflection.... 3 Joss cues
  12. srober40

    A Couple Scruggs Nothing Fancy

    In a picture posting mood. 2 Scruggs
  13. srober40

    JW "Not twins, maybe cousins?"

    Just a few pics to share. Could also have titled the thread "His and Hers"
  14. srober40

    Help with Cue ID

    Hey Gang, First off, I want to wish everybody Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. Picked up a cue the other day and was curious to see if anybody knows who made the cue. 3/8"-10 pin Was told it is around 20 years old. I am thinking Mali, Adams, or Helmstetter..... Thanks, Scott
  15. srober40

    New Lee Peppers Ebony Cue

    Here are some pictures of a new cue I just received from Lee. This cue is super clean and crisp.
  16. srober40

    Cleaning Leather Cases

    I guess this should really go in the "ask the casemaker" section but here goes. What is the best product to clean a leather case? Thanks, Scott
  17. srober40

    It's George Catalogs

    Does anybody have and would anybody be willing to send me copies of It's George Cue catalogs? Thanks, Scott
  18. srober40

    Hubbart Question

    I am going to be having a Hubbart cue restored and want to know if the wrap on them from the factory was coated with Lacquer. Thanks, Scott
  19. srober40

    It's George

    Looking for any It's George brochures. The ones with the cues. E-mail is: Thanks, Scott
  20. srober40

    How to build a Custom Plunger

    How to build a Custom Plunger I will probably get flamed for GIVING this information away. I imagine the repercussions will be harsh for posting this information. (The Custom Plunger market may collapse if everybody knows how to make their own.) I am not claiming to be the inventor of...