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  1. BeiberLvr

    Unable to See Center Ball

    I always tend to put a little right spin on the ball when it looks like I am lining up to the center of the CB. I've tried standing more square to the shot, more side on, putting the cue under each eye (I am left-eye dominant), as well as in between each eye. Nothing seems to help. One...
  2. BeiberLvr

    Latest Florian Video - No Rail cloth

    Pretty unreal and now all I want to see is a major 9 ball event played on tables with out rail cloth. Actual trick shots start at 5:40
  3. BeiberLvr

    Karl Boyes with Tips on the Power Draw.

    Nothing most of us haven't seen before, but a fun little drill towards the end that I wasn't familiar with.
  4. BeiberLvr

    Inside Mark Selby's Home

    Pretty cool. Also learned that Selby's brother in law is Gareth Potts
  5. BeiberLvr

    Matchroom Suggestion Thread

    Just in case there is someone from MR that browses the forums, I thought it might be useful to have a thread where we can voice our critiques and suggestions. So feel free to post any you might have here, and we'll see if any of them happen. I would like to see them branch out into other...
  6. BeiberLvr

    2021 World Snooker Championship

    Qualifiers start today and looks like you can watch for free on The most talked about match up for today is obviously Jimmy White v Stephen Hendry. I believe they play around 2 or 230pm EST. Top 5 current favorites to win the event are Trump Ronnie Niel Higgins Selby The...
  7. BeiberLvr

    Judd Trump's Dominance Great article on how well Trump has been playing lately. One interesting bit was For those that follow both sports, how does his current run compare to the likes of SVB and Archer when they were dominant?
  8. BeiberLvr

    Ralph Eckert on Instagram

    Ralph posts some pretty interesting and fun shots on his IG page.
  9. BeiberLvr

    How's This for a Positional Shot?

    Judd doing what Judd does best.
  10. BeiberLvr

    Earl and Ronnie - 96 Mosconi Cup

    Never saw this one before. Fun match.
  11. BeiberLvr

    Snooker with Golf Balls

    We've all heard of playing golf on a snooker table, but this takes it to a whole new level.
  12. BeiberLvr

    2020 Mosconi Cup

    Is it happening? I keep seeing posts on FB about players getting selected, but I know a lot of major events/tours have been cancelled due to COVID.
  13. BeiberLvr

    The King [of the Crucible] is Back!!

    Stephen Hendry has accepted an invitational tour card to compete in events for the next 2 seasons. It'll be interesting to see which events he chooses to play. I...
  14. BeiberLvr

    Thorsten Hohmann Runs a 147

    On a pool table. Still pretty cool
  15. BeiberLvr

    Jayson Shaw vs 9Ball Ghost TONIGHT!!

    He posted about it earlier. Going to stream on his FB page at 9pm. Doesn't specify timezone, but I'm assuming EST. Race to 21 Table is a Chinese 8Ball table with 3.5" pockets
  16. BeiberLvr

    Straight Pool Tutorial with Thorsten

    I haven't watched the whole thing, but this looks like another gem from Rollie
  17. BeiberLvr

    Filler vs Kiamco in Roy's Basement

    Looks like they are playing next week, April 14-16. One pocket, even race to 24. Details can be found on Roy's FB Page
  18. BeiberLvr

    Why Did He Miss?

    First of all, I understand that no matter how you aim, you won't make every shot. But for most people when we miss, it can be attributed to poor technique. Tyler's technique is perfect. So why did he miss these relatively easy shots?
  19. BeiberLvr

    Worst Instructional Video

    The thread on the worst pool movie got me thinking about the worst instructional video for pool I've ever seen. Honestly, it's hard to pick just one of Dr. Dave's videos as the worst. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - April Fool's!! But seriously, this has to be the...