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  1. jpparmentier

    Q & A with Shane and Thorsten in one hour

    Hey everyone, CSI here at the Rio is hosting a challenge match tonight, and we're making a small Q&A session with both Shane and Thorsten. If you have questions you would like to ask them go ahead and comment below this picture on facebook...
  2. jpparmentier

    AZBilliards Launches Online National Billiard News Archive

    We're so happy to finally unveil one of the biggest project we have been working on in the past years... HUGE Thanks to Conrad Burkman and Jerry Forsyth for making this work :wink:
  3. jpparmentier

    China Open pictures - Day one

    You can find pictures from the first day of the main event on AZB... Courtesy of our good friend Tai Chengzhe! And if you like China Open pics feel free to browse...
  4. jpparmentier

    Deurne (Holland) pictures from this week-end

    A few pictures from this week-end. I will upload more to the "other DCC" page on AZB very soon. Waiting for some data from the organizer (PR etc...). I was testing a new Nikon camera for the first time. It makes me wonder what I'll be able to do with more light, like at matchroom events! :grin...
  5. jpparmentier

    Azb gold giveaways for february!

    We're thrilled to be able to announce this month's giveaway: 5 Custom JB Cases made specifically for our Gold Members by John Barton!!! Thank you so much John :) Story here:
  6. jpparmentier

    My 100 Best Pictures of 2013

    Hi everyone, and first of all Happy new year! I've setup a facebook page to show some of my pictures. I've never really liked the concept of having to "friend" people to show them my art. So now, everybody's happy, you just can "like" my page to see my pictures and updates...
  7. jpparmentier

    Best of Mosconi Cup: a 50 minutes documentary

    It's featured on our home page. This is from 2011 and is a recap of years 1994 to 2010 included. The screen ratio is 4:3 all the way, so the latest years look a bit odd but it is the best documentary you'll ever see on the cup. And as far as I'm concerned, the early years footage is what is...
  8. jpparmentier

    GET the New Predator Cues before they're released... December Giveaways!!!

    Christmas is coming... And this year santa's in the shape of a panther for five lucky AZB Gold Members :wink:
  9. jpparmentier

    New Predator Sport BKIII... See it before it's released

    I've been lucky to shoot the new Predator products a few weeks ago with their pros. The reason I'm posting this is because I heard a rumor that our advertising genius Jerry Forsyth might have gotten a way for our AZB Gold Members to get these before they're even released... ...Wouldn't it be...
  10. jpparmentier

    Earl is back And as we did for all the other players, we published a nice picture to welcome back Earl to the Mosconi Cup ...
  11. jpparmentier

    Earl, Corey, Dennis and the Mosconi Cup

    With already three names announced and two spots left for the upcoming Mosconi Cup XX, one has to assume the best players in the last 19 installments of Matchroom's flagship show will come back... So I'm asking, who do you think would be the best team for the USA, and will be filling the last...
  12. jpparmentier

    Willie Mosconi would have turned 100 today. Do you have any stories?

    Willie Mosconi was born on june 27th, 1913. In 2013 we'll have three important dates to celebrate the legend. This one is the first. September 17th will be the 20th years since his death, and in December we'll all enjoy seeing the best players battle for the 20th Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas We...
  13. jpparmentier

    China Open 2013 Livestream - May 16-19

    Guys, the China Open livestream will be found here with many other info (that I'm having a hard time deciphering :grin:) Starts thursday the 16th. I've also posted the link on the AZB homepage streaming guide.
  14. jpparmentier

    New Forum Style : some info

    Today, the team at unveiled the latest version of the Website. Together with that, we blended in the Forums. We set by default the new "AZB v4" look so you could navigate better within both the site and the forums. As opposed to the Website, on which work started in 2010 and...
  15. jpparmentier

    AZB Memberships : BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD

    Well it looks like we surprised everyone with the new site, the new forum layout and this new membership system :smile: 1. Now the SITE and the FORUMS SHARE THE SAME HEADER AND MENUS. 2. Your MEMBERSHIP GETS you ACCESS TO ARCHIVES ON THE WEBSITE and pays our bills :thumbup: 3. All details are...
  16. jpparmentier

    Lausanne Billard Masters

    There's a new tournament on the calendar, and invitational with 40-points matches, 40-seconds shot clock, and performance based bonuses. This week-end is the first edition, you can find the first pictures and results here: Enjoy !
  17. jpparmentier

    *** Win the Mosconi Cup XVIII Pictorial on iPad ***

    Hey everyone, with a week to go until USA tries to regain the cup, I'm in the mood to give away three free downloads of my book on iPad. Of course, you need to have an iPad to have this, codes are unique and cannot be...
  18. jpparmentier

    Mosconi Cup book on iPad - $5,99

    Hey everyone, since we're only 10 days away to the Mosconi Cup, now is the perfect time to look back into last year's event. I published a digital version of the 2011 event book. Now for less that $6, you can have 87 pages full of pictures, and all stats of the event ! :wink: For those of you...
  19. jpparmentier

    AGIPI MASTERS 2011: Players, Groups, Schedule

    Jeremy Bury has posted on his blog all details about the next AGIPI competition, in french but it has the google translate buttons (top right of the site). Cool blog, too.
  20. jpparmentier

    Predator 10-Ball on Eurosport postponed

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry to announce that the first show of the Predator 10-Ball Vegas event has been postponed for about a week on Eurosport. :frown: Programming schedule for the Predator 10-Ball International Championship on Eurosport has been changed following last-minute schedule...