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  1. 3kushn

    Harvey Martin Materials?

    I'm about to purchase a Martin Cue we think was built in the 50's. We also strongly believe the Butt Cap, Ferrule, and joint Sleeve have previously been replaced. Given that information and the selling price is not outrageous as its really not a collector's item per se, I'm considering some...
  2. 3kushn

    What happened to Colin Colenso

    Just cleaned out my InBox and saw a message from him. He always had something interesting to read. Hope he's doing well.
  3. 3kushn

    Cut indused Cue Ball Spin

    Hard for me to find the words for this question but gotta start somewhere. While under quarantine I'm on my 3C table more than ever which is a good thing. A large percentage of my shots I'm clocking the CB and now trying to expand on that knowledge trying to get more precision beyond 1/2Ball...
  4. 3kushn

    3rd Annual Dieckman Memorial Tourny

    A great tournament - great equipment - good people.
  5. 3kushn

    New USBA Champion That was hard to do.
  6. 3kushn

    Casino Del Sol Tournaments Starting Tomorrow
  7. 3kushn

    How to Run 20
  8. 3kushn

    3CushionUSA Lawrenceville, Kansas Tourney

    3CushionUSA Lawrence, Kansas Tourney 3CushionUSA Handicap Tournament BILLIARD STUDIO 745 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS August 9-11 Players meeting @ 6PM Friday Aug 9 First 2 Rounds Start Immediately After the Meeting
  9. 3kushn

    Million Dollar Billiards & 3 Cushion USA

    Another tournament announcement. 3C USA is on a roll. Still more to come. For a complete list of upcoming tournaments:
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    Royal Pro Sponsors 3-Cushion USA

    Royal Pro is now a Sponsor of 3-Cushion USA.
  11. 3kushn

    Your Hand at End of Backstroke

    Read the Pause at Backstroke and want to ask opinions on the grip hand opening up at the end of the backstroke and closing on delivery. A friend who is a very good player is experimenting with this after watching several snooker coaches recommendations. This guys normal stroke produces more...
  12. 3kushn

    Casino Del Sol Summer Shootout

    3Cushion Handicap @ Casino Del Sol - Tucson, AZ
  13. 3kushn

    "3-Cushion USA" Handicap Tournament #2

    5000 Years Billiards - Morton Grove, IL
  14. 3kushn

    Amazin Billiards - 3Cushion USA

    3 Cushion Handicap Tournament @ Amazin Billiards - Malden, MA
  15. 3kushn

    Casino Del Sol Summer Shootout

    Revised Casino Del Sol Summer Shootout Stay Tuned, still more in the works: Royal Pro is now a Sponsor of 3-Cushion USA
  16. 3kushn

    "3-Cushion USA" Handicap Tournament #2

    Here's the Tournament #2 Announcement. More are in the works and will be announced when details are finalized. When: April 26-28 Where: 5000 Years Billiards - 6231 Dempster St., Morton Grove, IL Sponsored by , Casino Del Sol, Gabriels.... This is a Handicapped Tournament...
  17. 3kushn

    "3-Cushion USA" Handicap Tournament

    The first of many Tournaments Where: Amazin Billiards - 40 Faulkner - Malden, MA When: March 29-31 Who: Amazin Billiards, Casino Del Sol, Gabriels
  18. 3kushn

    USBA Board Nominations & Elections

    USBA ELECTION THIS FALL NOMINATION PERIOD BEGINS ON NOVEMBER 1 The USBA four-year election cycle is upon us. All 7 positions on the Board of Directors are open for election. The nomination period is from 12:01 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on November 1, 2017, to 12:01 a.m. EDT on...
  19. 3kushn

    Tucson B Championship is Full Payment Due 12/1

    Here's a note from Mazin Attention: Players slated to play in “B” 3 Cushion Championship at Casino Del Sol in Tucson in January!!! Due to an overwhelming response we now have a waiting list and in fairness to all, ENTRY FEES MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE USBA NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 1ST. If a...
  20. 3kushn

    Friends of Steve Titus

    I want to notify Steve Titus of a memorial for a long time friend of his but can't find any contact info. Can someone give me a hand. I don't care if I speak to him directly or not. I simply want to get him the info so he can decide if he can or can't attend.