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  1. jtompilot

    Mezz wavy re-tap?

    Can the wavy joint be re-taped for a radial pin?
  2. jtompilot

    Mezz Ignite radial pin

    Im looking for a used Mezz ignite radial pin shaft.
  3. jtompilot

    Charlotte NC

    I’ve got a trip scheduled to Charlotte in September. Where’s the action spot? Also, wasn’t there some nice big room in Statesville or somewhat close to Charlotte? Thanks
  4. jtompilot

    Nashville tomorrow 5/25

    Late post. I’ll be in Nashville Tuesday 5/25. Anyone want some 1P action. I can also drive to Bowling Green or Clarksville
  5. jtompilot

    Couer D Alene-Spokane

    I'll be in town Tomorrow thru Saturday. Does anyone want to play some 1P? I meet a guy there last year at Black Diamond but I lost his number. He had a yearly play pass, and one of the few guys there that played 1P. If someone can help me with his name that would be great.
  6. jtompilot


    I’ll be in NYC 5/17-18. I won’t get to the city till Monday evening but planning to play at Gotham City Tuesday when they open. They have great rates. My game is way off but I still enjoy 1P, I need lots of help.
  7. jtompilot

    Vidalia, GA

    Looking for 9' tables and action. I'll be in the middle of nowhere. Where's a good room? Savannah, Macon, Statesboro, or do I bite the bullet and drive 3 hrs to Mr. Cues 2 or some other place in Atlanta? Thanks
  8. jtompilot


    I have a trip to Detroit Friday. I’m thinking about heading to Toledo. Can someone give me some intel? I prefer Blue label tables but might like to give a GC 5 or 6 a try if any rooms there have any. Thanks
  9. jtompilot

    Coos Cues

    Here’s my new cue from John. 30” butt with radial pin. I didn’t get a shaft because I have two Revo’s and a 314-3 to use. Anyone know why John was banned from AZ?
  10. jtompilot

    My Dynasphere Tungsten review

    I’ve only played twice, 3 hrs total, with my new Tungsten balls. After the first hour practice session I weighed and inspected the balls. When I inspected the cue ball it had a small chunk of master chalk stuck to it. Today I got almost two hours of practice in and inspected the cue ball...
  11. jtompilot

    Coeur d Alene

    Does anyone want to play some 1P tomorrow or Wednesday? Paddy’s has one 9’ Diamond and opens at 11am.
  12. jtompilot

    Portland Maine

    I’ll be in Portland for two days at the end of the month. Are there any rooms open with 9’ tables?
  13. jtompilot

    Jacoby radial re-tap?

    I have a Jacoby Black radial pin shaft. Can it be re-tap to fit a 3/8-10 butt? Thanks
  14. jtompilot

    Columbus OH

    I’ll be in Columbus Monday. Are any rooms open
  15. jtompilot

    Spokane, WA

    Is Black Diamond Billiards open? I tried calling but no luck.
  16. jtompilot

    Steve Titus number

    I tried calling Steve to check on how’s he’s doing. The Lady that answered said she just this number and has been getting lots of calls for Steve. She even got a call from Steve’s mother. Can someone pm me his new number. I guess the Rack is closed so he’s not hanging around there. Thanks Jim
  17. jtompilot


    I went to a billiard store today to look at a GC6. I’ll admit it looked better than I thought it would. However the metal trim around the corner pockets was horrible. Where the metal trim comes close to the rail it was very sharp and potentially could cut my finger or hand much less scrape the...
  18. jtompilot

    New Aramith ball set

    Thanks Rob. I’m using the new balls as motivation for a minor overhaul of my game.
  19. jtompilot

    Ball size testing

    I’m tired of all the screwed up balls not racking properly so I bought a test gage and tested a set of Aramith Tournament balls. The six ball fell through the smallest hole, didn’t really come close to touching the template. Three balls wouldn’t fall through the 2.25 but did fall through the...
  20. jtompilot

    Seattle area

    The Golden Fleece in Everett did a nice job on their small room. Two Diamond bar boxes and five or six red label 9’ Diamonds. Three tables going with 1P action. Nice bar and a dinner area. Wish I had more trips to Seattle