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  1. Pangit

    Where are all the Kamui Chalk Warriors these days?

    Does it still have "Magic dust" embedded? I have to hand it to Kamui, their marketing department is top shelf. :thumbup2:
  2. Pangit

    Stupid pool question of the day

    Do expensive cues and fancy shafts, gloves, and all that other stuff make you play better at the end of the day? In retrospect, I should have tried to steal a good house cue somewhere, invest my money in good tips, talcum powder...and just roll with it.
  3. Pangit

    What is the Weirdest thing you've ever eaten

    Iv'e eaten pig and bull balls, and a BBQ'd raccoon and a possum, and a deep fried snapping turtle, but never, ever a weasel. Glenn has a way more refined pallet than I do. Wouldn't you love to see a hard core reality TV "Eat off" between Glenn and Bear Grylls? My money is on Glenn, all...
  4. Pangit

    Eddie Murphy returns to Mr Robinson's Neighbourhood after 35 years

    And the beat goes on. Eddie Murphy returned to Mister Robinson’s neighborhood on Saturday when he revived his beloved Mister Rogers parody on Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, Murphy entered Mister Robinson’s neglected tenement, then greeted the boys and girls watching at home as he slipped...
  5. Pangit

    Has anyone been watching the Scottish Open?

    It's live and free on Eurosport. Truth be told, Snooker is a Gentlemans game. No "inspecting" the rack or plastic templates, etc. No "funny" racking the balls for yourself. Scrounges need not apply. It's still the purest and most refined example of pocket billiards on the planet. Put on...
  6. Pangit

    What happened to Mika

    About five or six years ago, he was the hottest player on the planet.
  7. Pangit

    Is SVB currently a top five "pool" player...worldwide?

    That's a tough question...all things considered. :scratchhead:
  8. Pangit

    "Synthetic shafts"

    Filler used to have one, and then he went back to real wood, why?