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  1. BeiberLvr

    Unable to See Center Ball

    Thanks. I had the 3rd Eye years ago and didn't have much success. It might still be in my case, so maybe I'll give it another try.
  2. BeiberLvr

    Unable to See Center Ball

    I always tend to put a little right spin on the ball when it looks like I am lining up to the center of the CB. I've tried standing more square to the shot, more side on, putting the cue under each eye (I am left-eye dominant), as well as in between each eye. Nothing seems to help. One...
  3. BeiberLvr

    Latest Florian Video - No Rail cloth

    Pretty unreal and now all I want to see is a major 9 ball event played on tables with out rail cloth. Actual trick shots start at 5:40
  4. BeiberLvr

    My thoughts on Sky vs SVB

    Harsh, but true. All one has to do is look at his past results and see that, other than Turning Stone, he hasn't had a ton of success in events that were NOT rack your own.
  5. BeiberLvr

    Who wins? SVB or Sky?

    Looking back at the most recent races to 100+ that Shane has played July 2021 vs Sky / Shane won 150-114 June 2021 vs DO / Shane lost 115-120 Oct 2020 vs DO / Shane lost 119-120 Nov 2019 vs DO / Shane won 120-85 Aug 2019 vs Shaw / Shane won 100-91
  6. BeiberLvr

    Who wins? SVB or Sky?

    I remember when they first started talking about playing, Shane said loser would have to get their head shaved. He might have been joking, or is that actually going to happen?
  7. BeiberLvr

    Who wins? SVB or Sky?

    they played an entire race to 100 in one night? edit: nevermind I didn't realize they started on Friday.
  8. BeiberLvr

    Karl Boyes with Tips on the Power Draw.

    Nothing most of us haven't seen before, but a fun little drill towards the end that I wasn't familiar with.
  9. BeiberLvr

    Rank current 1Pocket Players

    1a/1b - Dennis and Alex 2 Bustie 3 Justin Hall 4 Filler 5 Tony
  10. BeiberLvr

    VHS to DVD?

    If no one here can do it, they sell converters on Amazon that should be able to do the job. You might also be able to find a local company that can do it as well.
  11. BeiberLvr


    I think a lot of top (European) pool players got their start in snooker, and then when they couldn't cut it, moved to pool.
  12. BeiberLvr

    Dennis 10 pack vs SVB from last match is now on Youtube!

    Put them in the octagon.
  13. BeiberLvr

    Inside Mark Selby's Home

    Pretty cool. Also learned that Selby's brother in law is Gareth Potts
  14. BeiberLvr

    WPA World Ranking vs Matchroom World Ranking

    I think the MR events being mostly invitationals gives their rankings some credence. Since, to my knowledge, those invites are based on performance.
  15. BeiberLvr

    WPA World Ranking vs Matchroom World Ranking

    Whoever is playing at their best. I'll take Filler playing his best over Albin any day of the week.
  16. BeiberLvr

    fun 9-ball layout to try

    I tried banking out. Only able to get to the 5 ball a few times, but I think it can be done. At least in Virtual Pool.
  17. BeiberLvr

    fun 9-ball layout to try

  18. BeiberLvr

    Matchroom Suggestion Thread

    I'll admit I don't care for the way seating was set up in the last 2 events. I would prefer stadium/arena type seating you see at the Mosconi Cup or in snooker events.
  19. BeiberLvr

    Matchroom Suggestion Thread

    Works just fine for English 8-ball
  20. BeiberLvr

    Winner Breaks..

    What about playing to a race divisible by 3 (9, 12, 15, etc). Then breaking it up into 3 mini-races (Race to 9 would be three races to 3, Race to 12 would be three races to 4, and so on) -1st mini-race, Player A gets all the breaks -2nd mini-race, Player B gets all the breaks (2 options...