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  1. the420trooper

    Stop Focusing on the Number!!

    I've been on a quest to run 50 ever since getting a table at home about six months ago. I feel like I have the skill to get there, just not a lot of experience playing 14.1. I've been getting past 30 every day, often getting two 30's in a row, but never all the way to the magic number. I ran a...
  2. the420trooper

    2008 WPC Finals: Peach vs. Gomez

    Race to 17 for the biggest title in the game...great match! Enjoy!
  3. the420trooper

    One Pocket Situation...What's Your Shot?

    I just learned how to use cuetable, so this is mostly a test run, however, this is an actual situation that came up in a game for me earlier today. My pocket is the top left. How do you protect your position and/or win from here...
  4. the420trooper

    How Many "A+" Players Have Families?

    I've been wondering how many good players out there are able to balance between practice, action, tournaments, and still having time to spend with their wives and kids? Do these guys exist? Or are all the good players besides Johnny Archer (who is the only family man/pro that I can think of)...
  5. the420trooper

    Ching Shun Yang vs. Francisco Bustamante- 2002 WPC I just found this while digging around on youtube and thought I would share. Enjoy!
  6. the420trooper

    Corey Deuel: Lock for Hall of Fame?

    I'm watching a live stream right now, and just heard the commentator mention that Corey will be a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame in the next ten years. He has amassed a VERY impressive list of titles, but has he accomplished enough to be considered for the HOF, given his lack of high finishes in...
  7. the420trooper

    Why won't AZB "Remember me"?

    I went on vacation a few weeks ago, and I reset my password while I was gone to access AZ from a different computer. Now that I'm back home, I have to log in again every five minutes. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? (Yes, I have clicked the "remember me" button...
  8. the420trooper

    WTB: Joss Sneaky Pete

    I'm looking for this particular cue for a birthday present, and I need it in about 2 weeks: I've already tried ordering this one from two major billiards websites, but they both said the cue wasn't available for at least 3 weeks, and...
  9. the420trooper

    The only way to play 10 Ball

    These are the rules under which I prefer to play rotation games, and I think they're the most fair for everyone: -Winner breaks, rack your own -10 ball must be the last ball on the table. If pocketed early on a combo or on the break, 11 (or 10, if you have drop pockets), ball is spotted, and...
  10. the420trooper

    Need help with your power break?

    Then watch this video:
  11. the420trooper

    Best US player: Archer or SVB?

    Johnny has a proven record of being able to win major tournaments consistently. He's performed at his current level of play for about 20 years now, and has been destroying the hopes and dreams of many an up and coming player. Shane has a record of winning gambling matches where he has by far...
  12. the420trooper

    Three foul rule...Keep it or toss it?

    Some say that if you commit 3 consecutive fouls, you deserve to lose... Some say that pool is a primarily offensive game, and that winning on 3 consecutive safeties is a chickensh*t way to win... I like the 3 foul rule, personally. I think if you can force your opponent to foul on 3 separate...
  13. the420trooper

    Should AZ have a one pocket sub-forum?

    I would like to see a separate forum, where all the one pocket chatter would be in the same place. AZ already has more sub-forums than I can count, and several of them are almost completely dead. What would one more hurt, especially since I believe it would get at least as much activity as the...
  14. the420trooper

    2008 U.S. Open: Rodney Morris vs. Thorsten Hohmann

    I just saw that Billiard Club network added another match, and I'm settling down to watch it....thought I'd share with everyone. Enjoy!
  15. the420trooper

    Reyes vs. Strickland 2005 U.S. Open

    This match was an awesome example of Earl's sheer brilliance...The way he blazes through the balls is scary sometimes. Sorry If it's been posted before, but this match was too great not to share. Enjoy!
  16. the420trooper

    Corey Deuel vs. John Schmidt

    I just found this match...hope everyone enjoys it...:thumbup:
  17. the420trooper

    The "limp fish" handshake...

    Pool players probably shake hands with others more than most people, and I think your handshake tells a lot about your character... When I tell someone "good luck" and shake their hand, I'm looking for a firm grasp to show respect to one another. If the person gives me the "limp fish", I feel...
  18. the420trooper

    Do you need to throw your body into the break?

    I've been working on my break for years, and got to the point where I was throwing every bit of my body into the break shot, with mixed results. After receiving a tip from a friend, I've begun keeping my lower body still, lost the ballerina kick, and just using my arm to break...with MUCH...
  19. the420trooper

    Cue ball fouls only, or All ball fouls?

    Personally, I prefer all ball fouls. I do think that the ball should have to actually move to be considered a foul, though. "Shirt fouls" and someone's hair touching a ball aren't affecting the way the game is being played. If you bellyflop a ball across the table, though, I think you should be...
  20. the420trooper

    Shawn Putnam vs. John Schmidt at the SBE

    I hadn't seen this match before, it's always great to see two of the top American players lock horns... Commentary is by Joe Tucker and some guy named Joey Aguzin...;) :D (JoeyA)