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  1. mel_smOg

    1x1 Soft case

    need one with padding Shipped to Ontario, Canada
  2. mel_smOg

    Blue Cuetec smart extension

    Shipped to Ontario, Canada please
  3. mel_smOg

    Cynergy SVB Gen One Cue + Smart Extension

    FOUND THE CUE, NEED EXTENSION in BLUE!!! Looking for used Cynergy SVB Gen One Cue with Extension Any colour but red Shipped to Ontario, Canada
  4. mel_smOg

    Lets use cryptocurrency in action- selling Mobley and OB plain janes

    Willing to sell for any cryptocurrency (btc, ltc, bcash, ada, iota, literally any crypto you can think of), shipping WorldWide as I am in Asia right now. If you really want cues but do not have crypto, PayPal is an option OB 125 with linen wrap- Brand New (one shaft test hit on a mobley butt...
  5. mel_smOg

    2 completely different OB1+ shafts?

    I just got an OB cue with 2 shafts. Both OB1+ The shafts are very different from one another- on the left it is darker, shorter collar, shorter and different ferrule from the other one. And of course the logo positioning They even play differently. The left one is soft as OB1+ should be and...
  6. mel_smOg

    WTB: Jacoby Hybrid Edge shaft/ other LD shafts any dia 3/8x10

    Open to any diameter and other LD shafts. From 11.75 z3/OB+ to 12.5 Mezz to original OB1, etc But prefer Hubrid Edge- I remember how nice they feel Just moved to Asia and did not bring any cues here. so shipped to Bangkok Please let me know how much would it be Thanks
  7. mel_smOg

    Any sellers in Asia? Need simple used custom cue around 20oz with LD shaft

    Recently moved to Thailand but did not bring my cues here looking for a simple used cue (custom preferably) with matching LD shaft 12.5 mm or less Would be interested in OB cue/butt with OB shaft (No classic shafts- only 1 or 2 please), maybe Predator P1 as well 5/16x14 would be prefered for...
  8. mel_smOg

    Titlist conversion FS

    see all details here:
  9. mel_smOg

    Titlist convestion

    Made by Klapp 15oz butt 2 shafts, each 13 mm, 4 oz big pin 3/8x10 I have not played pool in a long long time and do not plan to start soon with all my startups so no need to keep cue as good as this one in case for much longer. I bought it from Dan, played 10 min with it- and kept in case...
  10. mel_smOg

    Klapp Titlist

    I have not played pool in a long long time and do not plan to start soon with all my startups so no need to keep cue as good as this one in case for much longer. I bought it from Dan, played 10 min with it- and kept in case since then. Anyway take a look at his post and pictures...
  11. mel_smOg

    Free custom Titlist convesion

    Hey All, I have been out of the pool game for some time and now have some time to start playing again but want to focus on snooker for the time being. I have few custom pool cues and have done a lot of buying and trading here on az and now I would love to give one of my cues to the person who...
  12. mel_smOg

    Searing on ebay

    check it out
  13. mel_smOg

    Searing conversion

    Now on ebay trying to fund my project: Any help would be appreciated...
  14. mel_smOg

    Titlist conversion Nova and Classic 4 pointer Greg Kucharski

    Both pretty cool cues. points are very clean and next to dead even, I am honestly impressed with both pointwork Any idea what wood this titlist is? this mark in one point is super cool Nova has one original shaft (brass ring) and second is from a different Nova cue (silver ring). Slim butt...
  15. mel_smOg

    Any good place with Diamonds in Chicago?

    Going there today for few days. not sure where I will be staying yet but I wondering if I can find decent pool hall to stop by for few hours Thanks
  16. mel_smOg

    FS: plain Sugar Tree

    ST are seriously awesome players, no wonder they are so popular. I have one cue coming I wanted to try for few years and this one is too freaking good to be sitting in the case Price: SOLD shipped, add 3% for paypal fees or send as gift pleas Ferrule has a tiny line (1/4 of ferrule), not sure...
  17. mel_smOg

    WTT or sell: Searing Sneaky

    will trade for a nice watch!!!! Looks like I raised enough money to buy me a decent car so I can look at trade offers on my sneaky. hopefully I will have more time to play pool again sometime soon Forgot to mention, it is Duffering conversion. fit of the shaft is by the best I ever tried...
  18. mel_smOg

    FS: Searing sneaky, Lomax j/b, -R-, Searing shaft made for JW

    Nowadays I barely make it to pool hall and smashed my car last week so I need to buy a new one. No trades please unless it is a car, hahahha Searing and Lomax pictures, both cues around 19oz, one shaft each Lomax shaft is 12.75 and Searing one 13mm...
  19. mel_smOg

    Simple SugarTree

    First ST and I absolutely love it I understand why people run after these cues not the fanciest one and it called Ugly Duckling, shaft has a sugar mark, but plays really sweet and dead straight
  20. mel_smOg

    Trade my cue(s) for a cool watch??

    I have 4 cues for trade: -Nova Titlist conversion----------------------pictures----------->>>>> -Duffering conversion Searing----------------------pictures----------->>>>> -Greg Kucharski...