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  1. Nostroke

    I ran a 31 pack

    and was too tired to go on.
  2. Nostroke

    Filler Aranas 1PM Eastern today

    Just a reminder- Roy's basement
  3. Nostroke

    Mike Dechaine

    Anyone know if he is still selling windows? If so, good for him. I think he started about 2/3 years ago so he must be doing fairly well if he is still in it.
  4. Nostroke

    Mike Surber Case

    Authorities are re examining the Surber case.
  5. Nostroke

    MC Doubles Matches

    I dont quite understand why Player A is telling B how he is going to shoot a shot to get to a certain position and i I dont get why B is sometimes telling A HOW to shoot a shot. B should tell A where he prefers the ball for his next shot and leave it up to A to get there. "Im gonna hit this 2...
  6. Nostroke

    Mosconi Cup 2019 Day 3

    I like USA chances today-Found this on Instagram-Hope it's legit.
  7. Nostroke

    keeps coming up on my new feed-5 decades and outp

    keeps coming up on my news feed-5 decades and out
  8. Nostroke

    Back to School Once More

    So I'm back in High School and as usual I'm confused and can't find my classes etc but i find a pad of 'excuse forms' for class absences and i figure I'll just use these and forget about English for a while. I do so for at least half the year. Time goes by and I finally decide to begin...
  9. Nostroke

    A Day's Pay For A Day's Work?

    In 1967/68 i was so busted i worked at a Car Wash- the biggest i had ever seen-On Gervais St in Columbia SC. They only had a small permanent staff because they couldn’t have 40-50 workers getting paid on a rainy or otherwise lousy day with no business. They hired Shapers (guys that showed up...
  10. Nostroke

    You're Not???

    When i was in my late 20′s, i was enamored with this girl whom i thought was the most beautiful creature on earth. She was just my type-Five foot nothing, 95/100 lbs, long hair, perfect little butt, gorgeous and she glowed..She had recently lost her fairly long term boyfriend and was going...
  11. Nostroke

    Derek Vigil MD-Atlantis Florida

    I arrived for my initial visit with Dr Vigil a week ago and was handed new patient forms to fill out. The forms had been copied so many times and the letters were so small they were virtually impossible to read in many places. You’d have to be an expert in miniature writing to get your phone...
  12. Nostroke

    I Should Have Ducked!

    Early this week was rather cool here in Florida with the high for the day 73 degrees but still, due to the greenhouse effect, my car was boiling inside when i entered for a short drive to my Eye Doctor. Rather than sitting there in the inferno until the A/C finally overtakes the heat, I open a...
  13. Nostroke

    Updates Mosconi Cup Day 2

    Would appreciate it-Not everyone has FB and the youtube link says is blacked out for "my country'. Thanks!
  14. Nostroke

    SVB takes The Euro Tour Leende

    It deserves its own thread. It's the first time as far as i know of a NA winning a Euro Tour Event and will at the least give us a couple of psychological edges so far ,No? I didnt post 2 new threads worded exactly the same
  15. Nostroke

    SVB takes The Euro Tour Leende

    It deserves its own thread. It's the first time as far as i know of a NA winning a Euro Tour Event and will at the least give us a couple of psychological edges so far ,No?
  16. Nostroke

    Rob Hart TS/Madden Football

    Does anyone know if he was still at Turning Stone on Sunday? I know he was #1 or 2 in 'Madden Football' about 7-8 years ago.Not sure if he still is active in it. I'm just hoping he didnt fly down to that tourny in Fla after he was eliminated at TS. I keep looking for a list of the casualties...
  17. Nostroke

    Link for current Turning Stone Match please

    The Archer one is allegedly on now but none of the links provided in AL's thread work for me-Im getting the 2PM match-Please if you have a link that doesnt require joining FB post it here please.
  18. Nostroke

    Best Minds for Pool *Modern Times

    Efren is #1 no doubt I put Corey@ #2 despite his proclivity to want to be creative at times he shouldn't. for the time being, I'm leaving #3 in limbo due to his lack of experience in 1P but im getting close to ignoring that- Who ya got?
  19. Nostroke

    Blood! Blood!

    Back in in the 70’s a friend wanted me to tag along to see this guy in upper Westchester. My buddy, Eric, had found himself in possession of some extremely low quality green leafy material-referred to as ‘headache weed’ back then as no matter how much you consumed, that would be all you got...
  20. Nostroke

    Hustler Parody w John Candy!

    cant believe i havent seen this before