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  1. Remy

    F/S 6 point one veneer Olney

    This cue has very light use. here's the specs: -Butt weighs 15.4 oz -Shaft is 3.8 oz with an ivory ferrule and an ultra medium tip -The tip and ferrule are 12.6 mm -Leather wrap done by Chris Nitti. -Points are bacote with a black veneer and rings on all positions I'm asking...
  2. Remy

    African Bloodwood Beauty

    Guess who made this cue 14k gold dots
  3. Remy

    Cross threading a shaft

    Hi cuemakers! I have a question for you all: Is it possible to cross thread a 3/8x10 shaft into a 5/16x18 butt? Thanks in advance for all of the responses :)
  4. Remy

    Olney Pau Ferrau F/S

    Here's a plain Jane Olney for sale. It's used but not abused and it's a very god player. Specs: - Butt weighs 15.6 oz - Shaft is a monster 4.0 with an ivory ferrule and a milk dud tip @ 12.8mm. - 3/8x10 pin with a snug fit. - Jp's included. Jeff's waiting list is getting pretty long. You can...
  5. Remy

    F/S Four point Olney

    I have decided to sell this cue as I'm not playing pool as much as I used to. It's a 4 point, 4 veneer bem with ebony points. The inlays are abalone. Joint protectors not included they have my initials. ~ Butt weighs 15.5 oz ~ Shaft is 3.8 oz ~ Ferrule is ivory ~The tip is a milk dud and is...
  6. Remy

    New help identifying this Palmer

    A friend of mine was given, yes given this cue. He was told it was purchased in the 60's and it's in immaculate condition. Tate or anyone if you have any info and its worth would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Remy

    Wrapless Olney for sale

    The cue has been sold !
  8. Remy

    F/S Boise de rose Olney

    Here's a nice Olney made out of boise de rose. Test hit only. - Butt is 15.2 oz, with a hoppe ring and gold mop inlays. - Shaft is 4.0 oz with an ivory ferrule and a milk dud tip @ 12.6 mm. - The joint is 3/8x10 phenolic and has a tight fit. It's the one on the right: The price is...
  9. Remy

    <><> Jack Madden cue for sale <><>

    Up for sale is this beautiful Madden cue. The forearm is stained curly maple and has very little use. Specs: ~ Butt weighs 15.4 oz. ~ Shaft 1 is 4.1 oz with an ivory ferrule and milk dud tip @ 12.75 mm. This shaft has about 1? hour of use. ~ Shaft 2 is 4.0 oz with a melamine ferrule and a milk...
  10. Remy

    F/S Bocote Olney

    This cue is about a year old but has been test hit only. ~Butt is 15.6 oz ~LD shaft is 3.6 oz, tapered at 12.75 mm. ~Moori tip The price is $450.00 shipped and insured in the USA. Price is firm, no trades. M.O or paypal just add 3% Any questions please pm me or send email to...
  11. Remy

    F/S 8 Point Barnhart

    Back up for sale is this beautiful Barnhart. 8 razor sharp and dead even purple heart points into curly maple. Specs: ~Butt weight is 15.6 oz ~Shaft 1 is 3.9 oz with a milk dud tip. The size is 12.8mm. ~Shaft 2 is 4.2 oz also with a milk dud and 12.8mm. ~Leather wrap. The cue is in...
  12. Remy

    F/S ----> 6 point Hickory Burl/Ebony Olney

    I am trimming down my collection as I don't play pool much anymore so up for sale is this Olney. Specs: ~Total weight is 19 oz. ~ Hickory Burl points into Ebony. ~Butt weight is 15.2 oz. ~Each shaft is 3.8 oz with micarta ferrules and milk dud tips and 12.8mm. ~Elephant ear leather wrap...
  13. Remy

    F/S -----> 8 Point Barnhart

    No longer available.......
  14. Remy

    Braziliean Rosewood beauty - In progress :)

    This is the piece that I picked myself. The cue will have a bubinga handle with a leather wrap, still to be determined. Butt configuration: white juma hoppe ring, black phenolic cap. This pic shows the ring work [low right corner] on the joint and shaft: Black linen phenolic with silver...
  15. Remy

    Looking to buy a Barnhart cue

    Show me what you've got via pm or email me @ Must have a wrap, linen or leather. Thanks :)
  16. Remy

    F/S -------> Olney Plain Jane

    No longer available.
  17. Remy

    F/S Bocote Olney

    No longer available.
  18. Remy

    WTB - 3/8X10 Joint protectors

    Nothing fancy, the cheaper the better.
  19. Remy

    For Sale ---> Braziliean Rosewood GUERRA

    I'm putting this cue back up for sale. Specs: -Braz rosewood forearm and butt with Tony's micro rings on all positions. -Butt weighs 15.2oz. -Both shafts are bowling alley and have birds eyes on them. -Shaft 1 is 4 oz. -Shaft 2 is 3.8 oz, not sure what material the ferrules are made of...
  20. Remy

    F/S Wrapless Brazilian Rosewood half joint Olney

    I'm putting this cue up for sale in order to finance another one. The BR on this cue is very dark, it almost looks like ebony and is one of only 3 BR cues that Jeff Olney has ever made.