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    Fixing a bad install

    Should've known better when the installer tried using a water putty mix, that he had to mixed and then place on the table that I was going to have issues. After the mixed dried it shrank into the bed screw holes and the seams between the slate. I had never seen anyone use anything other than wax...
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    WTB summit mamba JB or dedicated breaker

    WTB summit mamba JB or dedicated breaker. Looking for the black wrapless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wtb wrap less Carmeli with g10

    Wtb wrap less Ariel Carmeli must have g10 pin, tiffany diamond ring work.. Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
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    Wtb Scott Graco cue

    Looking for a Scott Gracio cue for a friend if you have one please shoot me info and pictures please. PayPal ready
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    Wanted Ariel Carmeli

    Found a cue locally. Feel free to email me pics and specs
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    Looking for wrapless Ariel Carmeli

    Please pm or email with any specs and pictures please.
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    Wts 2013 Hills cue cocobola and bem

    Beautiful cue rolls straight looking for SOLD. Feel free to email
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    Wts Gilbert 4 point

    Gilbert 4 purple heart points, 8 ivory diamonds has 1 shaft tip does have taper roll about 8 inches up neither the tip or the joint lift off the table, there is a small lift in the handle that is not noticeable unless it's on a lathe. Has some finish nicks and a small chip in the butt cap in...
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    Joe Callaluca Wts - No Longer Available

    Joe Callaluca Wts Wrapless Joe Callaluca with 4 shafts 2 by Joe and 2 by Rick Howard all 4 with kamui tips. Comes with 3 piece custom joint protectors. Rolls dead straight 2 shafts unhit. Only blemish that I can see is a small chip about the size of a quaternary of a bb and a small clear coat...
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    Wts Joe Callaluca wrapless

    Wts ebony and bem wrapless ivory inlays, 3 piece matching jps, silver, white,black veneers 4 shafts (2 Rick Howard shafts)one each unused with kamui medium brown tips, the Howard shafts have medium black tips. Only defect in cue is 2 very small chips in the bottom of the butt cap asking $1299...
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    WTS/WTT Jim Baxter wrapless and Ben Greene Wrapless plain jane cues

    Jim Baxter or tnt cues both roll straight maybe a slight roll and both have small dings or dents. looking for **GONE to ebay*** for baxter obo or would trade for something wrapless without a stainless joint. Pm or text 850-685-3213 for any information ***Also have a tnt cue 1 shaft rolls pretty...
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    LTB wrapless Scott Gracio

    Pm or is my email. Thanks
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    Ltb predator z2 shift for schon

    Looking for straight and good condition. Pm me with pics and prices or text to 850-685-3213 please. thank you Chris
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    Wrapless Rick Howard FS

    Beautiful wrapless Rick Howard has not been hit, stitch southwest style ring work. Has one shaft looking for $750. No trades on this one Thanks Feel free to text me at 850-685-3213 not after 10pm central please
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    FS or FT Phillipi sneaky and 3x6 Castillo leather case

    Asking for $599 cash trade would be a little bit more, Case was $500+ in august when I bought it. Just had swift make me a smaller case. The Phillipi has 1 small surface ding in the butt, from where someone picked it up and dinged it against a chair. Showed in the last picture open to trades no...
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    Castillo Black Leather 3X6 smooth Leather case WtS/Wtt

    Well cared for but used Castillo 3x6 with the jump cue accessory pouch. It's a beautiful case and has a few little marks on the case but is in excellent condition and clean. Chalk was kept in zip lock bags in the case. Just received my Swift case and do not need some of the ones I have. Looking...
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    Wtb wrap less custom player

    Looking around $300 may go a little higher for the right cue shipped wanting to paypal by tomorrow... Needing an extra cue in a hurry for a friend to use.. Prefer no ss joints please Can also text me pics info to 850-685-3213 Thanks Chris
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    WTS Rick Howard 6 pointer brand new

    Have a bran new 6 pointer 3 ebony and 3 burl with lizard wrap, comes with 2 unplayed shafts asking $1700. Also have a used predator 314 shaft with matching ringwork.
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    New Rick Howard 6 pointer

    New Rick Howard 6 pointer with lizard print leather wrap... Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk