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  1. ibuycues

    Scrimshaw Cues: Schick, Mottey, Drexler

    Hi all, Here are some special cues from my scrimshaw cue collection, including cues by Bill Schick, Paul Mottey and Paul Drexler. These cues are some of the “biggest” cues made by these Hall of Famers.. Please feel free to add pictures of scrimshaw cues you have, I would like to see them. Will...
  2. ibuycues

    Ginacue Box Cue: The First Box Cue Ever Made

    Hi All, Ginacue (Ernie Gutierrez) made the first box cue ever built, for Champagne Eddie Kelly in 1969. Kelly traveled the country gambling with the cue, and it had a significant influence on many of the top cuemakers of the day. Most top cuemakers have made box cues, including Gus and...
  3. ibuycues

    Josswest Box Cues (Early) by Bill Stroud

    Hi All, Here are some of the early Josswest box cues by Bill Stroud in my collection. All are over 30 years old. Many have interesting owner history, including Richie Florence, Jim Rempe, Omaha John Shuput, and others. The pink ivory cue was Stroud’s personal player for years, and was...
  4. ibuycues

    Saddest Day of my Life: My Twin Brother Willis Passed Away

    My identical twin brother Willis passed away today. This crushes me to my very core. He has many friends who are AZB participants, as he went to several pool/billiard events with me each year, like the Hopkins SBE and others. We were best friends since the day we were born, over 71 years...
  5. ibuycues

    It’s Time for Pool Sayings ....Again

    I shoot pool like I make love; I put everything in but the balls. I break like I make love, I put everything in but the balls. Will Prout
  6. ibuycues

    Taylor (TK) Anderson Passed Away

    Tragic, sad news. I heard this morning that Taylor (TK) Anderson, a great young rising star pool player from Kansas City area was killed at 630 pm New Year’s Eve in a one car accident, in which he was ejected from the vehicle. No more details. Terrible, shocking news. Thoughts and prayers...
  7. ibuycues

    RARE: 15 Centennial Cue Cases Still in Original Shipping Tube Boxes

    Here is something you won’t see every day.... In 2011 someone from Germany advertised on AZB a tooled Centennial case for sale. Expensive, but basically still in the original shipping cardboard tube and wrapped. Taken out only for pictures. He didn’t get a response, because of price and...
  8. ibuycues

    Tonkin Night Spirit Box Cue

    This is another of my favorite cues, the Tonkin Night Spirit Box Cue. Pete Tonkin is an amazing cuemaker who gained wide recognition in his early years as a phenomenal metal worker, who then started making stunning cues with unbelievable precision. We (kinda) jointly developed the design of...
  9. ibuycues

    Schick Ferrari Scrimshaw Cue

    This is one of my favorite cues, a real pleasure to hold in person. Bill Schick does all of his own scrimshaw work, the only hall of fame caliber cuemaker who does this. Playability is superb! Each car is different, all are exact detail, the Eastwood case goes well with the cue. I don’t “take...
  10. ibuycues

    McKernan Cue Cases Galore

    Hi All, Here is a grouping of six McKernan cases from my case collection. These cases are high on the cool factor scale, and not common in the marketplace so I thought I would share a few pictures. Most of the lids have chevron-shaped inlay work, and inside the lids all came with a Brad tip...
  11. ibuycues

    RIP Clif Watkins

    I just saw a note on Facebook by Cliffy’s daughter that he passed away yesterday. Shocking news, I am deeply saddened. What a wonderful, gregarious, friendly person. He was well known on AZB over the years. We will have all of Clif’s friends and family in our thoughts and prayers. May Clif RIP...
  12. ibuycues

    McKernan Cue Case

    Hi all, I am looking for a round tube McKernan case. I will trade a cue or will pay cash. I will trade or pay full market value +... PM me if you have one and would like to deal. Will Prout
  13. ibuycues

    Mosconi Cup Day 2 Match Schedule

    Hi, Is the day 2 match schedule available? I didn't see it on Facebook on the Mosconi Cup page? (I already voted for match #1 candidates). Thanks! :thumbup: Will Prout
  14. ibuycues

    Phil Eastwood All Hallows Halloween Case

    This is my All Hallows Case by Phil Eastwood. Timely to show some pictures of this amazing work by Phil, as it is now the Halloween season, and I will be taking next time to Shooters. The case is visually stunning in design, layout, tooling and has flawless construction. Every time I use it I...
  15. ibuycues

    Deputy Shot Overnight in Florida Named William Gentry

    Hi All, I just saw on the news that the deputy shot in Highlands County, Florida tonight is named William Gentry. I am only going by memory, but this seems to be about where a friend of mine, and AZ member William Gentry (Cuemaker) lives. Update..................This is our good friend...
  16. ibuycues

    WTB/WTT GTF 1x2 Tooled Case

    Hi All, Looking to buy (or trade for) a GTF 1x2 tooled case in like new condition. If you have one, please send me a pm, and let's discuss. Thanks. :thumbup: Will Prout
  17. ibuycues

    WTT for 8-Point Tad Cue

    Hi All, I am looking to trade for an 8-point Tad cue. I have a lot of custom cues and likely have a great cue you will want. I am willing to trade up, down, or even, depending on the cue. Omega/DPK, Schick, Josswest, Ginacue, fancy Gilbert, etc... will trade... If you have one you will...
  18. ibuycues

    WTT for a Fancy 8-Point Tad Kohara Cue

    Hi All, I am looking to add an 8-point Tad cue to my collection. I am willing to trade up, down or even, depends on the cue. I have cues by many custom cuemakers, so likely have something you like. Omega/DPK, Schick, fancy Manzino, Josswest, Ginacue, fancy Gilbert, etc., many more.... Please...
  19. ibuycues

    Additional Fancy Native American Warrior Cues

    Here are nine additional Native American Warrior cues. From left to right: 1. Josswest (Purple Heart 8-point with turquoise) 2. Josswest (Very rare palm wood cue. Rare Ostrich wrap. Featured in Billiard Encyclopedia) 3. Josswest (very rare ivory handle, phenomenally thin points trimmed in...
  20. ibuycues

    Some Fancy High End Native American Warrior Cues

    Hi All, I had occasion to create a grouping of some of my Native American Warrior cues that I have collected over the years. Most of these have never been posted in a public setting, but I thought they made a nice overall group. Here's hoping the pictures load okay.....from left to right...