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  1. spktur

    Derby City Classic - What ball set to be used?

    Yeah just like they did for they last several tears before the shut down, oh wait, they didn't. They used the Chinese Cyclops balls for several years. And they don't play the same as the Aramiths specially for banks and one-pocket where you twist a bank shot
  2. spktur

    Keeping Cue Tips FRESH!!

    I've had these for almost 35 years and kept them in these little tins inside a plastic zip lock with other tips and they still play really well
  3. spktur

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    When my nephew was a little kid he tried to flush a cue ball, it didn't work. It made to the trap curve and locked up, we tried everything after taking the fixture out in the yard and it wouldn't go up or down. Ended up replacing it.
  4. spktur

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Where did this burger come from??
  5. spktur

    Original Morri Tips

    You need to get them to post a picture and be sure they look like this
  6. spktur

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    This is a Z-28 that was wrecked by a teenager here in Chattanooga in 1978
  7. spktur

    What happened to Deanoc?

    I always enjoyed reading Deans unique way of selling things on here a lot of them sight unseen and I'm curious just how many people who actually bought something from him are upset or dissatisfied with the deal?
  8. spktur

    Moori ID

    I really can't tell much from your pictures, just showing you what they should look like and how they were packaged when they originally came out
  9. spktur

    Moori ID

    This is what first generation tips look like
  10. spktur

    Older Pool Halls

    The Chattanooga Billiards Club opened in the fall of 1982 in downtown Chattanooga on the second floor of a building on a one-way street with no parking and are still going strong. This has a tour.
  11. spktur

    Sanitizing your Cue - Is Alcohol enough no immune system

    The only truly effective way to completely sanitize your cue would be to burn it.
  12. spktur

    Pool ball collecting.

    Nicotine from smoking in the room.
  13. spktur

    How to level a pool table when the floor you have it on moves

    Swap out for one of these tables
  14. spktur

    Cue Ball Damage/Break Cue

    To OP, it's your table, your cue ball and your house, tell (not ask) him to use what you consider the proper equipment or go. I'm noted as a grumpy ole man for a reason.
  15. spktur


    I've been to all but about three of the Derby events and there is no comparison between the Executive West events and the Horseshoe events. The Executive West was by far a better event but they chose not to have it after the sale so it doesn't matter what anyone thinks it had to move.
  16. spktur

    Hey Glen do you think you could fix this table
  17. spktur

    Stains on shaft

    I have an old McDermott D-19 with some mildew stains on the shafts, any suggestions on cleaning them up? Any help is appreciated.
  18. spktur

    A Question For Chopdoc

    Can you ID this cue?
  19. spktur


    I'm looking for a 5900 series Clausing lathe in mint condition. Another option os a top notch Chinese knock off of one of these. Any ideas would be a big help
  20. spktur

    One pocket and Banks at the US Open

    Is there still a one pocket and banks tournament at the US Open 9 ball this year and will any of it be streamed?