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  1. Bambu

    Finnegan interviewed by Bambu, for CueTimes magazine!

    For the full William Finnegan interview, click here:
  2. Bambu

    Cases that hold Cue Extensions

    So I'm in the market for a new case, but I don't see any that hold an extension. I googled it, but all I see are snooker cases that hold extensions. Is that the route I have to go, or can somebody suggest something for me? I don't know about you guys, but I figured cases like these would be...
  3. Bambu

    Pool Song Parodies

    This one is a Don Henley song I just cant get outta my head. The Practice I got that call today, the call we all fear But I knew that it would come Denver luggage was callin’ on the phone They said they never had my cue And I thought of all the bad...
  4. Bambu

    Repair Advice Needed

    Hello All- I have an old 6 footer I'm trying to refurbish, was hoping for some advice. The U-23 rubber isn't cracked or pitted, but its old. Wood seems fine but the glue is old. My main question is, can I just shove some glue in, where the rubber is separated from the rail? Or do I razor blade...
  5. Bambu

    Why is the snooker stance different?

    I cant think of any reason for the open snooker stance, please discuss.
  6. Bambu

    Using Robots to test aiming systems

    Has anyone tried to test various systems using a robot? Seems fair on the surface to me, but I dont know if its practical. If they exist, I would be interested in seeing the results.
  7. Bambu

    Top 10 things that annoy me the most

    Top 10 things that annoy me the most 1. Doesnt push the remaining balls down table after he wins. 2. Stands in front of your shot 3. Has to shoot every other remaining ball in after he wins. 4. Says he was "just trying something" after every miss. 5. Gets lucky and swears he played it. 6. Wont...
  8. Bambu

    How aiming got its own zone?

    I'm not new to the topic, but I still dont get it. How can newer posters understand the reason aiming got its own sub forum? What is the root of the disagreement? Why does every aiming thread end up with both sides hurling insults? I thought the mods did a nice job moderating, but I suppose that...
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    Things to know about the SBE?

    I saw the thread about the food. All good, but eating is way down on the list for me. What can someone new expect at the expo? Is it rude to try to get next game, or am I supposed to try to get games off the floor? Whats the betting like, stakes wise? Any other tips appreciated, I have no idea...
  10. Bambu

    Anyone using chalk off?

    Been using this stuff for a couple of years. I thought it was great but now I notice my table playing slow. (Humidity is low, artemus k55 rails are dead straight and almost new, 760 simonis 3 years old but not pitting much.) Dug out my old horse hair brush instead of using chalk off, and it...
  11. Bambu

    Hairy call: 9 ball tournament

    2 guys playing in a 50 man 9 ball tournament: Its 2 am, and one player needs to go to the bathroom late in the match. So his opponent says you cant do that, you already went before! Tour director comes over and allows the player to go to the bathroom, but he is still pissed off the other guy...
  12. Bambu

    Veteran game changing moments

    How many players that have been shooting 20 or more years have come across that "light bulb moment?" You know, a time when you decided to change your entire game. (It felt really weird at first, but it worked out.) Form/stance? Visual or head adjustment? Aiming system? BHE? Another persons...
  13. Bambu

    Breaking with the 9 on the spot

    Any tips? This is new to me, has me kinda baffled. Anyone think they can pocket a ball with any consistency? I get nice spreads and control the cue ball pretty well but my make percentage is way down. Looking to make that 1 in the side but havent figured it out yet.
  14. Bambu

    Z-2 with a tavern ball

    Is it me, or is a Z-2 just not solid enough for a giant, heavy, filthy cue ball? Thinking of using an old schon or scruggs next time I have to play with a big ball. How do you guys deal with a skinny shaft and a huge ball? Maybe I just need to give it some time.
  15. Bambu

    Great starter cue, thank you AZB!

    Not long ago, someone here recommended this starter cue: So I threw it out there, as an option to a new player who asked me. I must say, for around 60 bucks this cue has exceeded my expectations. Thank you, great call.
  16. Bambu

    HD Webcam or HD camcorder?

    How much do I need to spend for good quality(say 8/10)? This has been asked before I'm sure, but the technology changes quickly. By the time I get around to making a choice, there are newer and better options available. Now that HD webcams are cheap, is it cost effective to film a match that...
  17. Bambu

    Wrist flick for extra juice Check out Parica at 23:50. Looks like he wrists the ball back to me here, very interesting. Aside from the wrist flick I wonder why he didnt play that same shot with follow or high inside.... and come up off the short rail instead. Intimidation tactic...
  18. Bambu

    Female Philippino Champions?

    We see so many great female players from all over the world.... Chinese, Koreans, Americans, Germans, etc.. And, we hear about how huge pool is in the Philippines. So, where are the Philipino woman? Dont they play too, or is that taboo for them?
  19. Bambu

    Funniest Pool Videos of All Time

    I know I havent seen them all, but these are the funniest pool videos I've seen. (Please help me finish the list.) Much thanks to the guys who made this priceless material! 1. Joe Rogan channels Earl Strickland 2. Losing Bet-(2 part Hitler parody)...
  20. Bambu

    Just a C

    Just a C I’m just a C, yes I’m only a C. But I hope some day I might beat an A. Well now it’s off to the pool room where I’m waiting in line, with a lot of other C’s, that know where they should be. All hoping to find a way to become an A. Oh yes I hope and prey I will be, but today I am still...