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    Cuesmith Rear Chuck

    Can anyone tell me they’ve successfully installed a Cuesmith rear chuck on a Porper B without any machining. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    WTB Ivory Ferrule for Meucci

    Appreciate any sources for this original replacement. Life span isn’t long enough to deal with Meucci direct.
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    Practice Shafts Wanted

    Looking to purchase a small quantity of inexpensive practice shafts for tapping.
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    WTB Edge Hybrid shaft

    Seeking: Very good condition, 30", 3/8x10, simple black ring or whatever, pro taper, 12.25 dia., any tip.
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    AXA QCT for Porper B

    Made the leap after lots of research. Much heavier and very happy with this purchase. Did need a spacer. Found a resonable T nut on ebay with matching threads. Used the nut that qct came with as the spacer. Had to go to 1/2" tooling to make height adjustment work properly and avoid shims...
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    Unique Linen Tub & Tube

    Like new...used ONCE. I didn't like it, you may. Ordered new $40 with shipping. Selling for $25 including shipping. pm me and I'll give you my PayPal.
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    Willard's Classic Tipper-Trimmer Machine

    Great deal...Like new machine with extremely little use. A new WCTTM ($475-575 PLUS SHIPPING if you can find one available) only comes with one cutter and three collets. This deal includes: Three additional cutters ($40-$60); Eight additional collets ($21-27); Porper Little Shaver ($20)...
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    Sneaky Pete Advice Sought

    Hi folks, I do quality basic repair work for league players in my area. Have taken my time to learn through trial and error to do the best work I can and guarantee it.(see attachments) Own a Porper B and do all the basic stuff e.g., tips, ferrules, shaft collars, linen wraps, cleaning, etc...
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    Unique Products

    Can anyone provide a phone number for a Unique Products live rep. Been over a month and cant get a response re a PO. Been calling 1 812 316 8887, right to voicemail. Thanks
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    Refund Question

    Have a refund coming from the SS event. Can you give an estimated date for this to be credited to my PayPal, or will a check be mailed? Going on four weeks.
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    Shaft Structure

    Replaced a ferrule on this shaft today. Never saw a traditional maple shaft constructed like this (apparently two pieces). Feedback appreciated.
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    Breaking Down Your Putter

    So I'm watching the finals of the PGA match play with DJ leading John Rahm for just about all of the match, but Rahm starts a back nine rally to go from five down to one heading to the 18th. DJ needs to par the hole to win the match and is looking down at an easy 2'. And then it happens...why...
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    Predator Knockoff?

    Installed one of these for a friend who claimed he purchased three for less than $20 on Ebay. Familiar with the gold Victory, but these threw me. Kinda of a blue/gray with a black backing. Not sure if pics shows color properly. Any thoughts on these? Thanks.
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    Old Brunswick FS

    In need of lots of repairs. Warped badly. Possible restoration project for the right collector. PM with offer as is. Thanks, Tom.
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    Restore Project???

    Friend of mind asked me about this relic. All glued surfaces have dried and separated, needs new ferrule and tip, shaft and butt rings needed. Warped badly. Is this worth restoring and ballpark cost. Any idea what kind of pin that is and thread count? He thinking of buying a shaft to use...
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    30" 3/8 10 Jacoby Edge Hybrid 12mm 19" pro taper

    wtb... title says it all...thanks
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    Cue ID Please

    Picked this up to turn over for a profit. Excellent condition. I cleaned up the shaft and installed a new Ultraskin. Problem is I don't know what to tell a potential buyer with regard to ID. Can anyone help with that as well as a ballpark value figure? Thanks.
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    As I make some horizontal initial tool bit cuts from right to left on my porper b when installing a new tip, on the return left to right of the cutting bit it continues to remove a significant amount of material. It seems like the vertical moves forward on its own on the left to right move. I...
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    Push Foul

    Did a search but couldn't find a concise answer: can you foul ( resulting in ball in hand anywhere) doing a push out. Aside from the obvious, e.g., pushing into a pocket or leaving the table surface, is it possible? In most events that include the push out option, most also require the...
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    MidAmerica Repair Lathe

    MidAmerica professional cue repair lathe purchased from Todd a few years ago. Very light use and some features still new and never used. In excellent condition and working order. Pictures depict condition and care in upkeep. Extras include: cutting bits and blanks, drive belt, smaller dia...