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  1. Keith Jawahir

    Steven Hendry states the most consecutive balls he's run

    From his Twitter
  2. Keith Jawahir

    Help ordering gloves from Japan Been wanting to order these, but my Japanese is a bit lacking. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Keith Jawahir

    Efren "Gets Lucky" Again.
  4. Keith Jawahir

    In San Antonio for the week

    leaving Friday morning, just looking for some recommendations, preferably Brunswick or Diamond 9-footers.
  5. Keith Jawahir

    Article on "What's holding pool back"

    If you think gambling and scandalous behavior is what holds professional pool back, you’re wrong June 21, 2016 AC Henry In the 1920s, Ralf Greenleaf and Willie Hoppe Dominated pool and billiards and rivaled Babe Ruth for sports page headlines. People filled arenas to watch them play and...
  6. Keith Jawahir

    Is pool the most difficult sport for an Amateur to turn Pro?

    Been doing some reading and just got curious. I just read some statistic that 20% of amateur boxers turn pro. I know the number for Pool players is way lower, just curious how low it actually is.
  7. Keith Jawahir

    Might be visiting Arlington, TX for work in a few weeks

    Looking for recommendations for a room to practice at while I'm there (9-footers), wouldn't mind someone to spar with either.
  8. Keith Jawahir

    (<5) Ball Ghost

    I've been working on something for a while now. We're all familiar with the 9/10-ball ghost. It's been suggested to me that I should start at the last 6, then add/subtract balls as necessary. Don't add another ball until you're over 75%. I started at trying to run the last 6, then worked my...
  9. Keith Jawahir

    Fitness tracker while playing?

    Now that we have all this super-whamadyne wearable technology, anyone tracking how many steps/calories during a practice session or match? I'm thinking of getting one.
  10. Keith Jawahir

    Question about APA

    I'll apologize in advance if this comes off as a troll, but do they hand out participation awards or something? I've never seen a person with just one APA trophy, they always have a bunch (reminds me of those ripoff martial arts schools giving kids trophies for every little thing) And patches...
  11. Keith Jawahir

    Kings Cup 1st Day Matches Announced!Captains-Announce-Day-1-Lineup-ABSCBN-Sports-TV-to-Air/c12hj/564618750cf2e1ca27970e22 Looks pretty exciting.
  12. Keith Jawahir

    SVB vs. Chinakov updates

    Yep yep.
  13. Keith Jawahir

    Ko Pin-Yi. Best player on earth.

    I hope Ko dethrones Shane in the finals of the US Open.
  14. Keith Jawahir

    Official Pool Meme Thread

    AZB forums... the grumpy old men of pool.
  15. Keith Jawahir

    Official Pool Meme Thread

    especially for my dear friends on here.
  16. Keith Jawahir

    Official Pool Meme Thread

    been wanting to do this one for a while.
  17. Keith Jawahir

    Mike Dechaine playing in W9B

    Just asked him via twitter, and he confirmed that he'll be in Qatar in a few days.
  18. Keith Jawahir

    Skylar Woodward's new Barbox line of cues by Meucci
  19. Keith Jawahir

    Article: Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Billiards
  20. Keith Jawahir

    Is sleep essential to improving?

    So, I ran a search through the forums and couldn't find anything on this topic. If anyone knows if there's already a thread on this, feel free to post a link. I remember being told a long time ago that all the hours we put into practicing don't mean anything if we don't combine it with a good...