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  1. JazzyJeff87

    map the shot then work from there.

    Saving this for when I have time What is My blog? Where will this post go?
  2. JazzyJeff87

    SVB vs Chohan 1P

    POV pool is showing this matchup throughout the weekend. FYI
  3. JazzyJeff87

    Fargorate: The Truth

    Few people know that Fargo is the oldest city in the americas. Long before the people who would become known as “native Americans” waltzed onto the land there was a civilization of people from modern day Croatia. They were a seafaring people and many were stranded here after a shipwreck. Fast...
  4. JazzyJeff87

    Chalk marks

    So lately I’ve been watching the matches in the Philippines with the guy running around marking balls with chalk. And I always hear Danny D talking about the 4 rail kick to get out of the break in 1 pocket. I practice 1 pocket by myself a lot and I came up with an awesome break and had a few...
  5. JazzyJeff87


    Rotation: noun the action of rotating around an axis or center. "the moon moves in the same direction as the earth's rotation" Does anyone here know the full scope of the rules for filipino rotation? A Google search and watching the few matches I can find on you tube are plenty enough to get...
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    2016 us open niner. Radislaw barbica vs Konrad jazcycyzcyhzcyzcyCyzcyzcyn. 30 minute mark
  7. JazzyJeff87

    Juggling...and pool

    So a couple weeks ago I randomly tried juggling as many times as I could in a minute. I think I had like 220ish my first try, a 237 on my 4th or 5th and then a 249 or 250. I found the whole thing oddly amusing but still intense. I have not been able to reach near 250 again. I don’t think it...
  8. JazzyJeff87

    J schmidt is now the best ever

    It’s official. I saw the video with some of my “in the know” buddies. John’s level of play was above and beyond that of any other human to date. I can guarantee he will win his next tournament no matter what the game or format, but especially if it’s 14.1. He will crush any challenger on the...
  9. JazzyJeff87

    Make azb great again

    Lol. MAGA, Beatrice... Why isn’t anyone in the azb kings section anymore? I’ve read through some of the threads and they were pretty cool...some of them. What’s going on here? I know some people are just trying to learn or only play recreationally but the others that talk of matching up and...
  10. JazzyJeff87

    Even 8 ball

    Just throwing this out there because. So I started doing this while practicing 8 ball and eventually I made a little game of it for friendly gambling as it allows both some table time and a chance to get in stroke. It’s just regular 8 ball but after someone sinks the 8 it goes back up on the...
  11. JazzyJeff87

    Where’s the Cueball going? Pretty funny stuff. This kid makes some cool trick shots to scratch on a snooker table with John virgo in the background asking his questions :lol:
  12. JazzyJeff87

    Action in MD?

    Anyone want to play a little today or early tomorrow? I live near annapolis but I drive around a little. Brews n cues in GB, bankshots, center pocket, the revolution in va. Anyone play around here? I'm looking to find someone at least an apa 6 that likes to play.
  13. JazzyJeff87

    2 pocket question

    What exactly is 2 pocket? I know I saw it on a website once in like some random list of other pool games and I heard the name mentioned in a book but nothing about it. I was intrigued after a while and now can't remember where i saw it. I've been just playing like one pocket except you also...
  14. JazzyJeff87

    Simonis 860 rails

    So I made a mistake. I ordered some 860 for my table but I didn't think about the rails. I have an 8' table so I ordered cloth for an 8' but now I'm measuring and it's an oversized 8. Does anyone on here have some random tournament blue laying around you want to sell? I can't find 6" strips...