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    Got banana and duct tape?

    I just seen the news that a banana taped to a wall with duct tape, sold for $100,000 at auction. It was considered to be a rare work of art.
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    McDermott Weight Bolt

    I'm looking for an aluminum weight bolt for an E series? McDermott cue that has the screw in rubber bumper. Eddie
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    5/16 x 18 forward/middle extension

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    Cue butt material

    Hello Cuemakers and everyone. I have a question about the best wood to build a cue butt out of, (solid or spliced) for the best feel, most feedback or sensitivity, and sound. If I use the same shaft to test hit with, and with hard tip. I'm looking to have a 30" butt built with a 3/8" x 10 pin. Eddie
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    Sly Foxx pool cue

    Hello. Has anybody ever played with a Sly Foxx cue, or know much about the cue builder? Thanks
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    Dropping elbow

    Hello All. I have a tendency to drop my elbow when shooting. I've tried bending lower over the cue, and spreading out more on my stance, but it's really uncomfortable. What would be a good practice routine to break this habit? Thanks
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    Audrick Cue

    Does anyone know when Audrick started making the custom cues? I have a 1/1 that appears to be a starter cue. The reason I say a "starter" cue is because of the construction of the butt. The shaft is nice and straight. The butt rings and handle are very uneven and cause it to wobble when it's...
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    Questions for Cuemakers

    Which one should I do, have nipple on shaft insert machined down, or ream the butt of the cue for shaft, and how much will it cost? Will either affect the hit of the cue?
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    WTB Radial Pin Butt

    I'm looking for an inexpensive, radial pin cue butt.
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    Identify this cue

    Hi to all. I sent a picture of a cue to itzel0101, and he's going to post it for me. I'm trying to find out what cue builder has a signature mark like the one on this cue. Thanks
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    cue case latch

    I found the latch. Thanks
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    WTB/WTT A Dealer roll up bag

    I'm looking for an inexpensive dealers 12x12 or 10x10 pool cue roll up bag. Thanks Eddie
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    F/S F/T Schemelke SP 33" butt/32" shaft

    I bought the cue new, (3-4 years?) a custom order from (David) at Scmelke cues. The butt of the cue is 33" (not including rubber bumper in length), 3/8"-10 pin, and weighs 15.2oz. I shot a few racks; (home table), finish is still like new, and it does roll straight. I also have the shaft that...
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    Sneaky Pete Schmelke cue butt? F/T-F/S

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    Pin size

    Hello All My cue doesn't have a 3/8"-10 pin, but the tpi, is 10. The shaft on the cue, does fit a 3/8" -10 pin pretty snug, but it's very loose on the cue it came on. Other than changing the pin size, what can be done to make the shaft fit better?
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    CDX Supershaft vs Jacoby Hybrid

    I was curious about the Player HXT vs The higher end shafts. Predator, Zero Flex, Hybrid, OB, ect.
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    Cue coreing

    I'm considering coring out the butt end of my cue, for weight reduction. The cue is solid wood to the butt cap,( no weight bolt), and weighs about 21oz., so I'd like take out enough wood to make the weight +/- 19oz. The only tools I have to work with is a hand drill. The cue isn't real...
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    Joint collars

    I'm not sure if this question has come up before in the forum. I'd like some opinoins about joint collars on wood to wood joints. I'm thinking about adding joint collars, to my sneaky pete. My question is this: Would making that change, add, or take away from the way the cue hits, and...
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    Posting pictures on 4sale items

    I have a couple of cues, a PRS Guitar and an Amp for sale/trade. I don't know how to post the pics, nor do i know how to conduct the transactions. I'd certainly appreciate any help. Thanks Eddie
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    Inconsistent stroke

    Does anyone else have problems with an inconsistent stroke. I've tried most every stance, and drills to develope a consistent straight stroke. I can shoot the CB from the spot to the far rail, and have the CB come back and hit the cue, but it's only about 50% of the time. Any suggestions would...