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  1. arps

    Quezon City (Philippines) 10-ball Open

    Sharks production just concluded the QC 10-ball Open. Here are the videos,
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    Great kick

    Just another day in PI (sorry, video has no sound)
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    Good shot or foul?

    I would like to share this video, from the Bilyarista group in the Philippines. It's from a 15-ball rotation money match. Referee decided that it was a foul. But the video has hundreds of opposing comments in our forum (it had to be locked). I'd like to know what AZB has to say. Please vote in...
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    poll test

    this is a test
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    World 9 Ball Championship 2017 (9-14 Dec) ,Doha- Winner $30K

    Congrats to both these guys. Im so happy right now!:happydance::happydance::happydance:
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    Leather for burnishing shaft

    i use this,
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    The Greatest Greatest

    this guy.
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    Derby City Bank Pool Updates

    :happydance:Congratulations Francisco Bustamante for winning the DCC 9-Ball Bank event!!!:happydance:
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    Darren Appleton's World 8 Ball Series 2017

    :happydance:Congratulations Ruslan Chinakhov!!!:happydance:
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    Mosconi Cup: This is what I saw....

  11. arps

    FREE! Ignacio-Chua-Alcano-Raga winner take all

    Live on Batang Tirador's channel ( Winner-take-all starts 7AM EST (7PM Manila time). Jeffrey Ignacio Johann Chua Ronnie Alcano Anthony Raga
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    Chezka Centeno

    :happydance:Congratulations Chezka Centeno, 2016 Chinook Winds Women's Champion!:happydance:
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    Live in Muñoz, Manila

    Carlo Biado vs Ray Camomot (5-7-10 handicap) 10-ball race to 16
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    US Open News from Accu-Stats <<<======{{{{{

    updated list:
  15. arps

    2016 China Open

    this is probably the most awkward championship point i've seen. note that it's hill-hill too! :grin-square:
  16. arps

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    final-64 bracket:
  17. arps

    2016 China Open

    final-32 bracket:
  18. arps

    2016 China Open

    :clapping:Congratulations Han Yu, the 2016 China Open 9-Ball women's champion!!!:clapping:
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    2016 China Open

    thanks for the links. i'm also posting screenshot of the final-32: