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  1. Hal

    Pointed Bluegrass. MINT no reserve
  2. Hal

    Justis 3x6 TUBE STYLE OVAL. Rare

    back in the closet for now.
  3. Hal

    Williards tip machine 99 cents

    ............. ............
  4. Hal

    WTB BK3 break shaft only

    Bk3 shaft needed.
  5. Hal

    Richard Harris bluegrass j/b two shafts 99 cents

    no longer available. Auction ended. No longer available for sale.
  6. Hal

    Justis case .99 cents no reserve
  7. Hal

    Can someone show a link to the nee rules?

    Can someone post a link to the new rules of how this wanted and selling section works now? I've been using the Facebook Markets mostly.
  8. Hal

    Picked up a nice plain Bluegrass

    Stopped in Murfreesboro billiards the other night and picked up a nice plain bluegrass to go with my pointed one.
  9. Hal

    WTB Ebony into Tulipwood Gilbert J/B

    I'm not even sure Andy makes these but does anyone have an Ebony and Tulipwood Gilbert J/B? I MIGHT be interested in other brands. It just depends on the maker. PM me. Thanks Hal
  10. Hal

    New Bluegrass

  11. Hal

    My new Barnhart

  12. Hal

    WTB Barnhart BEM

    My search is over. I got a freakin SWEET Barnhart from poolchady.
  13. Hal

    Meucci, Joss, Elite, Jump cue, Case. CHEAP

  14. Hal

    Tips for sale

  15. Hal

    Williards tip machine for sale or trade for nice case

  16. Hal

    I'm looking to buy back some of my former cues

    If I've sold you a cue or case I'd like to buy some of them back. I'm feeling nostalgic today and I miss some of my cues and cases. Also interested in Barnharts. Gilberts. Bluegrass. etc. Mostly plain janes or simple players. Nothing exotic or too expensive.
  17. Hal

    Mint Omen J/B and Swift 2x4 case $650 shipped.

  18. Hal

    Looking for Tulipwood

    I'm looking to buy a couple of Tulipwood cues. Show me what you got. Please don't PM me. I rarely check my PMs. Reply here or email me. hvturner2@gmailDOTcom
  19. Hal

    Looking for a Gilbert j/b

    I found one.