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  1. ShaunTanYK

    New King's Case Arrived Today!

    Just wanted to share my new King's Case from Al! It is a 3*6 case with JB Ultrapad Interior. The pockets are 8" and 16" respectively with a separate jump handle compartment in the 16" pocket. I've also requested for 3 Black Stingray diamonds on the pockets and I think they complement the...
  2. ShaunTanYK

    Jerry Pechauer Custom Cues JP14 (2007-2009)

    This beauty that is up for sale is one of the nicest production cues out there. It features 4 floating points with maple and diamond-shaped mother of pearl inlays into a stained straight-grained maple forearm. It is a wrapless cue that has a birdeye maple handle in place. The butt sleeve also...
  3. ShaunTanYK

    Mezz Power Break Kai (Wrapless) w/ Deep Impact Pro Shaft Upgrade!!!

    This PB Kai comes with the Deep Impact Pro-H shaft. Condition: Mint, 9/10. Mezz Kai needs no introduction. This particular beauty comes with the Deep Impact Pro-H shaft. The condition is 9/10 because of some blemishes UNDER the finish towards the butt area. Otherwise, it's in pretty...
  4. ShaunTanYK

    Mezz Sonic Tip

    I've recently acquired a Mezz Deep Impact Pro-H shaft that came with the stock Mezz Sonic Tip. I like the tip a lot, it seems to be able to chalk up easily and feels good when breaking with the balls. However, the tip seem to be really rounded that produces a lot of spin and pops the CB a bit...
  5. ShaunTanYK

    --> Critique needed for my fundamentals <--

    G'day to all, I am Shaun from Singapore. I posted threads previously noting down my learning journey (can be found in this link: However, I wanted to change my stance to suit pool more i.e. more clearance etc. compared to a snookered...
  6. ShaunTanYK

    Pechauer after sales service...

    I placed an order through email to Pechauer to purchase a weight bolt for my cue on 26 November. And 16 hours later I was attended to by Scott Douglas. " Dear Shaun, If it is just 1 weight screw and you are in the U.S. we would mail it for free.**Just let me know your address. Sincerely...
  7. ShaunTanYK

    Cue Refinish

    Dear all, I am looking into refinishing my J. Pechauer due to it's "popping rings" and some bubbles in the finish. Unfortunately I'm located in Singapore, shipping to and fro US would cost me 90USD and the refinish cost 80USD by pechauer. I would like to ask if there is any cuemaker around...
  8. ShaunTanYK

    Heading to Taiwan...

    I'll be heading to Taipei in 1 days time. I'll probably be heading to Hua Lien, Jiangnan, Long Men and Long Tan across different periods of time. My question is does anybody know any Cuemaker or Cue Shops around those 4 areas and is there any pool rooms you guys can recommend? Thanks a million
  9. ShaunTanYK

    F/S or F/T McDermott G223 (BUTT ONLY)

  10. ShaunTanYK

    Cue Identification; Suspect JD Custom

    I recently bought over this cue, however seller is unsure of the maker and wood type. Would anyone be able to give me some specs of the wood, materials and design? I would also like to know who the cue maker is... Thanks, Shaun
  11. ShaunTanYK

    Cue Identification; Adam!

    Hi all, Does anyone have a clue on this Adam? I.e. what model, what year and perhaps it's worth. Shaun
  12. ShaunTanYK

    Cue Identification; Adam!

    Hi all, Does anyone have a clue on this Adam? Shaun
  13. ShaunTanYK

    My learning journey

    Hi all AZers, I created this thread to keep a record of my trainings alongside with my new coach. I've previously created a thread on stroke analysis but was not of much use because the useless me couldn't get a video uploaded :embarrassed2::embarrassed2: This time round, I would make use of...
  14. ShaunTanYK

    Joint options for Sneaky Petes

    Hi all, I am looking to get my first custom soon, it's a sneaky pete but with some fancy rings and etc. Right now I'm in the process of coming up with the design and i'm stuck with joint options. Can any cuemakers enlighten me on the different type of joint i.e. wood-to-wood, resin...
  15. ShaunTanYK

    F/s PAMPANGA CUE *Same company that did Efren Reye's cue"

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  16. ShaunTanYK

    F/T or F/S Hustler Jump/Break!

  17. ShaunTanYK

    F/s: Bebot Bautista Custom Cue (2012)

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  18. ShaunTanYK

    L/F Old Canadian Made Dufferin

  19. ShaunTanYK

    L > Starter Cue

  20. ShaunTanYK

    Stroke Correction

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