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  1. jsp

    Ratio of Pool Skill to Money Spent (or Given) on Cues

    If there ever is a way to objectively measure such a ratio, then think I just might be a world beater. The carbon fiber thread got me thinking. I've never hit a ball with a carbon fiber shaft. Heck, I've never even held a Predator product (or OB product or any custom cue) in my hands. I am...
  2. jsp

    GQ pool video with Tony Robles

    This video just popped up in my feed. I'm only 5 minutes into the video and it's pretty cool so far.
  3. jsp

    Throw - Snooker balls vs. Pool balls

    I've never played snooker before. But from watching videos of snooker online, I have this strong sense that snooker players don't need to compensate for the effects of throw (whether contact-induced or spin-induced) nearly as much as pool players. For those who have played both snooker and...
  4. jsp

    Efren playing live

    Got this link from live stream area (thanks nyra415)... Apparently he's in Germany. He just beat someone 7-2 in 10 ball (after being down 0-2). Now he's throwing out all 15 balls on the table and running them out in rotation. Catch it while it lasts!
  5. jsp

    Monster Handicaps for Kids Learning the Game

    My 9-year-old daughter is finally tall enough to stroke without side-arming it. So yesterday I thought it was about time to really introduce her to the game. I challenged her to a race to 5 "9-ball" match. I play with the normal 9 ball rules. She gets BIH after any missed shot by me, and she...
  6. jsp

    Snooker is to Pool as...

    ...Baseball is to Cricket. I stumbled upon this CNN article and it reminded me of this analogy that has been in head for a while.... Snooker is to Pool as Baseball is to Cricket Baseball and cricket are very different games, but yet have many similarities. Same can be said about snooker and...
  7. jsp

    Modified Finals Format for DE tournaments

    This is carryover from the John Morra thread. I thought I'd start a new thread specifically debating the finals format I understand the arguments against a true double-elimination tournament where the winner of the one-loss side has to win two in a row. But I still feel the undefeated player...
  8. jsp

    Discounted Buy Backs

    A local tournament that I frequent uses a single elimination format with a limited number buy backs, depending on the turnout. The players who lose in the first round usually have the option to buy back into the tournament, assuming there are buy backs available. The fairness of the ability to...
  9. jsp

    Call shot rules - What's an "obvious" shot?

    From the WPA Rules for 10-ball... 9.5 Call Shots & Pocketing Balls Whenever the shooter is attempting to pocket a ball (except the break) he is required to call shots, the intended ball and pocket must be indicated for each shot if they are not obvious. Details of the shot, such as cushions...
  10. jsp

    Call 9-ball

    You're playing in a call 9-ball tournament and your opponent in the first rack has a straight-in, as-obvious-as-can-be 9 ball in the corner pocket. He shoots it in without explicitly calling it. What would you do?
  11. jsp

    Who is Waleed Majed from Qatar?

    Her has knocked out Petroni, Corteza, and Appleton. He's playing Chua right now and is up 1-0. If one is looking for a Cinderella story for this WPC, this could be it.
  12. jsp

    I break like a girl

    I bought the Predator break speed app for my tablet last night. I was very humbled when I tried it out on my table. I can barely break over 20mph. I used the app on the Dennis/Ko match this morning. Both of their medium-hard breaks register around 21.5mph, which is harder than my max break...
  13. jsp

    Players HXT LD shaft vs. other LD shafts

    Up until last week I've never played with a low deflection shaft. I'm also cheap, so I bought the least expensive LD cue that I could fine, which is a Players Pure X Technology cue with their HXT LD shaft. I've been playing with it for a week and I'm still getting used to it. My question is...
  14. jsp

    Europeans and the DCC All-Around

    Any theories as to why a European has not come close to winning the DCC All-Around? Another way of asking the question above is why Europeans aren't competitive in the banks and one pocket tournaments. You would think that champions such as Souquet, Hohmann, Immonen, Feijen, and Van den Berg...
  15. jsp

    Efren Playing the Rotation Ghost (Video)

    Don't think this has been posted yet, but I just discovered a fairly recent video of Efren playing the rotation (full rack) ghost at Hard Times. Credit goes to the uploader trumanhw. Enjoy! :thumbup: EDIT: Sorry, it was already linked here. But...
  16. jsp

    8-ball with 21 balls

    Many complain that 8-ball on a 9-foot table is too easy for the pros. To an extent, I agree. Some suggest playing it on a 10-foot table would be better. However, I feel doing so takes away from the strategic aspect of the game since less clusters would form. 8-ball on a barbox does enhance...
  17. jsp

    Playing better without the measles CB

    Since I bought my pool table (Diamond Pro) 4 years ago, I've shelved the red circle CB that came with my Super Aramith Pros in favor of the measles CB that I bought separately. Just yesterday I decided to start playing the 9-ball ghost with the red circle CB instead of the measles CB. My game...
  18. jsp

    Ko and Chang join Bugsy?

    I just noticed this article in the front page. Taiwanese stars Pin-Yi Ko and Jung-Lin Chang joining Filipino stable Bugsy Promotions? This seems unprecedented that a Taiwanese pool player would crossover to affiliate himself with a Filipino pool organization. I'm curious as to how the...
  19. jsp

    Aiming at "Center Pocket"

    Question... When aiming, is knowing the precise location of the pocket's center required in order to consistently aim at "center pocket"? A) Nope. All you need is the general location of the pocket in order to choose which "cut type" of a finite number of cut types (straight-in, very thick...
  20. jsp

    "Pivot to Center Ball"

    Let's say I'm using a particular pivot aiming system that gives me a pre-pivot cue alignment (red line) based on the CB, OB, and pocket locations. The last step in the system is to "pivot to center ball". So what will be the final aim line of the cue? A, B, C, D, E, F, G, none of the above...