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  1. arps

    Quezon City (Philippines) 10-ball Open

    Sharks production just concluded the QC 10-ball Open. Here are the videos,
  2. arps

    Great kick

    Just another day in PI (sorry, video has no sound)
  3. arps

    Good shot or foul?

    I would like to share this video, from the Bilyarista group in the Philippines. It's from a 15-ball rotation money match. Referee decided that it was a foul. But the video has hundreds of opposing comments in our forum (it had to be locked). I'd like to know what AZB has to say. Please vote in...
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    poll test

    this is a test
  5. arps

    FREE! Ignacio-Chua-Alcano-Raga winner take all

    Live on Batang Tirador's channel ( Winner-take-all starts 7AM EST (7PM Manila time). Jeffrey Ignacio Johann Chua Ronnie Alcano Anthony Raga
  6. arps

    Live in Muñoz, Manila

    Carlo Biado vs Ray Camomot (5-7-10 handicap) 10-ball race to 16
  7. arps

    2016 China Open

    From WPA's site which was updated about 2 hours ago: "While the qualifiers are determining the last available spots for the China Open, international players are now arriving into Shanghai ahead of the tournament start on Thursday. While the qualifiers are determining the last available spots...
  8. arps

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    4 more days to go until the qualifying stage starts. this is going to be exciting!:grin: Matches are going to be streamed one again via Kozoom. Other info are on W9B's official site,
  9. arps

    Feijen vs Biado 9B FREE

    race to 21-alternating breaks
  10. arps

    Niels Feijen in Manila

    World Champion Niels Feijen is currently in Manila. He's had a couple of matches. You may watch them here: Niels Feijen vs Jericho Banares (race to 21) part 1: part 2...
  11. arps

    Feijen vs Bañares LIVE!

    live right now in Manila, Philippines. There's probably more to come! :D
  12. arps

    A new champion

    Chezka Centeno, from Zamboanga in the Philippines won this year's Amway Cup Women's 9-ball event. She's the youngest to win the event at 16 years of age. Late last year, she won the junior world championship making her the youngest Filipino world champion in pool. Last year she also beat fellow...
  13. arps

    Pinoy winner-take-all LIVE NOW! Carlo Biado Jordan Legaspi Ric Bejen Jeffrey Ignacio Saldy Silvano Raymund Faraon Patrick Gonzales Jerico Banares
  14. arps

    Efren vs Banares LIVE!!!

    Efren Reyes vs Jericho Banares update: sorry but it seems the streaming is not up. i will update this thread if the video will be recorded.
  15. arps

    Ignacio vs Raga LIVE!

    game was last night. here's a video of the match.
  16. arps

    Sky Woodward in Manila

    yes. sky is in manila, and there are already 4 lined-up to play against him. tonight: sky vs totong tugatog wednesday: sky vs anton raga thursday: sky vs efren reyes friday: sky vs django bustamante i will update you guys for the streaming or the videos of the matches.:smile:
  17. arps

    SVB in Kuwait 9-ball Open

    Does anyone have an update on how Shane's doing in Kuwait? Johann Chua posted that he (Chua) is already in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Wonder how Shane's doing. I'd very much like for both of them to "meet" again. :smile:
  18. arps

    US Open 9B & World 9B overlapping?

    based on WPA's calendar, the US Open 9B will be on Oct 16-22, while World 9B in Doha, Qatar is happening Oct 17-28.
  19. arps

    ★★Star Billiards (Manila) WTA tournament★★

    finals match live right now!!! Johann Chua vs Mario Tolentino
  20. arps

    played almost perfect

    just watched bustamante's match in all-japan open, and he played really good.