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    My first new custom cue

    Been looking for awhile, and actually at a few other makers, but saw this one and decided to give it a try. It's a not a maker I was originally looking at, but it's by DZ cues and he is putting a 30" shaft on it for me as that is the length that I prefer to play with. Bob seemed real nice to...
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    Correct way to measure pocket angle?

    This is how I measured corner pocket angles, and have now been told it is wrong. Thought I had done it right as had always seen it measured similar to this. While the supposed correct way is similar, it does give a slightly different result. Just wondering how everyone else measures the angle.
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    Test phone photo

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    Great pool banquet this year.

    Wife and I just finished up our pool league with a great banquet and good memories. Our league grew from 24 to 32 members this year, and as always was very professionally run. We had more subs than usual, but no real covid problems, given that they have leagues there 3 nights a week. In addition...
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    Carbon shaft with interchangeable joint ?

    Was at the Wisconsin state tmt a couple weeks back, and addition to the Jacoby booth there, there was another table set up with someone else selling carbon shafts. I didn't go look at them as it was a name I hadn't herd of, but they had quite a crowd there testing out their shafts. Didn't think...
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    The need for joint protectors?

    I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but i really fail to see the need for joint protectors, yet a lot better players than me do use them. I actually see them possibly causing extra wear on shafts with direct wood thread contact. I do think they would make it easier in pulling out a standard...
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    Pool is alive and well in Wi.

    Attended the WSPA state championships , $40,000 added, 1st day yesterday, and it was a fantastic time. About 160 tables, and all being used on this 1st day. 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball, scotch, teams, and most any version you can think of. Was a great time. Really looking forward to going back this...
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    Jacoby Ultra pro vs Predator 314-3

    Currently have a Jacoby ultra pro on a Schon that I use. My wife decided that she liked my cue more than hers, so I ordered another Schon for her or me. I guess we'll see who gets which one when the one I ordered gets here tomorrow or Monday. I would like to get another shaft similar to, or the...
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    Great Schon service.

    Cracked a butt cap on a Schon cue of mine a few weeks back, and called them about a repair, cost and repair timing. Lady said could be 6-12 weeks as they were really busy, but to send it in. I decided to wait a bit as I travel near their shop about once a month or so, so I would just drop it...
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    Hawley's still in business?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Hawleys is still in business? I understand that they no longer have tables, but their web store is still up, yet they don't answer emails, or their phone.
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    1st threaded ferrule

    Have done about a dozen tip repairs so far, and all have turned out excellent, except for a white diamond break tip, I installed on an old Brunswick stick we had laying around that we started using as a break stick. Popped off after about three weeks of breaking with it. What actually happened...
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    Replace linen wrap with leather?

    Is it possible to do, and still come out correct, or is the cut for the existing linen the wrong depth. Cue in question is a Carmeli.
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    Omen or Carmeli

    Have the bug to buy another cue. Have a few McDermott's, and a Schon. Also have a Jacoby ultra shaft for my Schon. Like them all, but just want another cue. I'm older, and do not want to wait to have one built, so will be buying used or new in stock. There is a new Omen, and Carmeli out there...
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    Object ball slightly Right

    Got back into pool a couple years back, after about a 35 year layoff, and thought it wouldn't take too long to get back in form, wrong. I am having a real problem getting a straight stroke that I used to have. It has a slight crook in at the end. I have tried shortening it up somewhat and that...
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    Time to wait before using after tip install

    Well I've done my 2nd tip, and another great result. As I am getting some interest from others for installing tips on their shafts, I am concerned about how long before it is safe to use, after installing a tip? For the two that I have done, I waited about an hour, but am concerned as what to...
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    Mid America Basic repair first impression

    Ordered one of these to do some tip replacements, and shaft clean ups,.for myself and possibly others in my area. Pool is doing well here, but there is no service available to replace tips with a lathe, other than when big tournament's are in the area, and Jacoby has a booth set up. Not looking...
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    Can rail torque affect corner pocket rattle?

    Have a new Diamond 8' professional, and am getting some corner pocket ball rattle, more I guess than I think their should be. I ordered the pockets at 4 3/4", and balls seemed to drop great for the first few days, but now seem to be rattling in the corner pockets more than they should be. I did...
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    Rollie Williams Youtube site empty

    Is it just me, or did the Rollie Williams youtubes disappear?
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    Separating a glued and bondoed joint

    New Diamond professional table coming in the next week or so, and the person that bought my Brunswick is coming to take it out. I recovered it last spring, and superglued a few slips of paper in the seams, and finished by bondoing the seam, I had done a couple of tables before, years back, but...
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    pic test

    picture test