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    8 on the break; 9 foot vs. 8 foot

    Do any of the pool physicists out there have any thoughts on whether it would be easier to make the 8 on the break (using second ball break) on an 8 foot table vs. a 9 foot table or vice versa? I took Physics for Poets in college so I'm not well equipped to answer this one but it seems to me...
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    How Does an APA 7 Go Down to a 6?

    I've been an APA 7 in eight ball for years. I have probably been on the low end of the sevens in terms of skill the entire time but managed to eke out a winning percentage over the years. Now at age 72 my fire power is apparently diminishing and even though I have had about a 20% win ratio over...
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    Kudos to SJM

    I want to add SJM to the folks I give thanks to for posting on AZB. Almost everything Stu posts is insightful and interesting, and he always treats everyone with respect. I can tell from reading his posts that he, like many of us, is truly in love with the game of pool. So thanks Stu!
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    McDermott G Series about = McDermott D Series?

    Over the years I've had a few McDermott D-1, 2 and 3 cues but let them go. Recently I bought a McDermott GS Series cue as a keep in the car bar cue and it has started reminding me of an old D-1. Anybody have the same or a different feeling about the GS?
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    Great Pool Book - Have Pool Cue Will Travel

    I just finished reading and want to highly recommend the recently released book Have Pool Cue Will Travel. In large part it is about St. Louie Louie Roberts. I say in large part because it also covers the St. Louis pool scene in great and often humorous detail. The author, a former St. Louis...
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    No Olhausen Pocket Rattle For Champions!

    The purpose of this post is to note to Olhausen lovers and haters alike that I just watched (on YouTube) Corey Deuel beat Ralf Souquet in a 2004 "Sudden Death Seven Ball" match played on an Olhausen Champion Pro table AND ....... NOT ONE SHOT RATTLED!. So if you are a champion, you need not...
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    Playing By Myself at Home

    I've been playing by myself at home for over three months and have actually gotten a little better I think but now I'm getting very bored. Besides various drills (which generally are not fun for me) I have been playing nine ball against the ghost, and trying to run 15 balls after break and ball...
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    Olhausen Pocket Rattle -- The Final Answer?

    Hi All. With a lot of time on my hands and a 25+ year old Olhausen Innsbruck in my basement, I have undertaken to try to figure out the reasons and possible solutions for the dreaded pocket rattle. I love my table and hardly ever notice the rattle, probably because I have developed shooting...
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    Any Info on this Pechauer

    I bought this Pechauer a few years ago and wondered if any of you have seen one like this or know anything about it. It's not in the Blue Book of Cues and I've never seen one in any of the Pechauer catalogs I've seen. I don't think it is one of one because it isn't marked like that. I would...
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    21.4 OZ Cue Weight Question

    I have been playing for years with a 19 oz cue using OB1+ shaft. I'm 68 and have been playing most of my adult life. I am an APA 7 in 8 ball so I know how to play ok. Recently I have felt insecure shooting long shots and have been missing more than before. While in my basement pool lab I...
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    Cliff Joyner at Mr. Cue's

    I watched Cliff Joyner play one-pocket at Mr. Cue's in ATL last night against a very good young player. Anyone know who that was? Thanks.
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    Diamond Pool Tables on Amazon and Walmart

    Been having my usual Diamond pool table dreams and noticed today that Amazon and Walmart are now selling Diamond pool tables but they look a little different than the ones I'm used to seeing. Anyone have any info on these tables? Thanks much.
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    Break Cue in Good Old Days?

    In the "Good Old Days" (1960s, 1970s, Johnston City, The Rack, etc.), did the champions and great players like Lassiter, Worst, Kelly, Cornbread, etc. use their playing cues for hard breaking in 9 ball and 8 ball or did they use other cues to break? My guess is that they used their playing...
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    Removing Shaft Brand Names

    I like my McDermott G-Core shafts but don't like the G-Core logo printed on them. Is there a way to remove the logo without sanding it off and refinishing the shaft, like Goo Gone or something else? Thanks much.
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    Olhausen Fixes?

    I am a happy owner of an Olhausen Innsbruck table that I have had for 25 years. Out of curiousity I stopped in at the local Olhausen dealer to look at the current tables. It looked to me like the pocket facing angles on all the new tables had been made more parallel (not sure that is the right...
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    Dimensions of Gold Crown Oversize 8

    Can anyone please tell me the width (measured from the very outside edge of the table to the very outside edge of the table) of a Gold Crown oversize 8? I have a basement room that is just wide enough to fit my Olhausen standard 8 foot table (which is 54" inches wide from outside edge to...