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  1. Johnny Rosato

    Diveny Cues Inagural Barbox Classic -

    I'm been watching this with two of my neighbors from the beginning and tonight mentioned I had never heard of Scott Tollefson. My witty neighbor says he's pretty well known and nicknamed "Pogo". Anyone know of this or is my neighbor yanking my chain?
  2. Johnny Rosato

    Table mechanic for old 1930's Brunswick in Birmingham Al

    Any recommendations? Old 9 footer, 6 leg Brunswick. Rails are good but need recovering as well. Located just south of Birmingham Al. Thanks ahead for any info.
  3. Johnny Rosato

    Streaming service/commentators question

    Post removed, answered in a private message!
  4. Johnny Rosato

    Table installer and leveler, Panama City Fl.

    Anybody know of a set-up and table leveling guy in Panama City Beach area?
  5. Johnny Rosato

    Pechauer Joint Protector for butt only

  6. Johnny Rosato

    "Tuscaloosa Squirrel" ~ Marshall Carpenter ~ 02/09/1928 - 04/05/2020

    I forgot to post this yesterday. Born on the same day as me but I came 26 years later. Born in Reform and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, he spent a lot of time right up the road in Birmingham. I first saw him play in my hometown of Birmingham in the early-mid '70's. I had only seen my dad and a...
  7. Johnny Rosato

    Positive Pechauer experience ~ AAA+

    In 2010 I bought a Pechauer Pro Series Pro H model which is their "Sneaky Pete". I played with it often, not all the time because I own other cues too. It has been a great player. About 5 or so years ago my shaft go a little "taper roll", maybe 1/8th", maybe a hair more. I called, they said...
  8. Johnny Rosato

    UBL League

    A couple months ago I asked whatever has become of the UBL League. I don't remember ever getting a single comment, although there could've been some. My mind ain't always real sharp. Now I can't even find the thread. I know I didn't dream it. Is that a taboo subject here or did I just think I...
  9. Johnny Rosato

    United Billiard Leagues ???

    What's become of the UBL? A couple years ago, for a few months, there was a lot of talk and interest around here. Then all of a sudden, not a word more about it. This was all before Covid started. What's happened?
  10. Johnny Rosato

    Eddie Taylor YouTube Interview

    I just watched this entire 2 hour Eddie Taylor interview and enjoyed every minute of it. This man knew everyone who is anyone in pool at the time and had nothing bad to say about any of them. I can't believe I haven't ran across one this before now, I'm always looking at pool things on YT...
  11. Johnny Rosato


    Testing testing testing
  12. Johnny Rosato

    Smooth deal with 'sixpack'

    I posted my JB rugged 2x3 on 4-30 with only a description and no pictures. Within 20 minutes I had a pm from 'sixpack' saying he would take it and my asking price would be fine. He said he was going to bed and would pm me the next afternoon to work out details. He did contact me then paid...
  13. Johnny Rosato

    JB 2x3

    JB Basic Rugged 2x3 black/blue interior with added top handle. Interior is perfect. No chalk anywhere. 9/10 condition. I added 2 small patches,1 on each pocket and removed the little black zipper pulls and replaced with bright orange paracord so it would be easily recognizable in the pool...
  14. Johnny Rosato

    pic test

    20191230_151628 Failed
  15. Johnny Rosato

    Cue/Case Gallery shrunk

    I was bored so I go to the Cue and Case gallery to drool for a while. Why is there only 2 pages now? Are there any gallery archives available? I'm devastated.
  16. Johnny Rosato

    JB Case too deep

    I have a new JB Ultimate Rugged 2/3 that seems too deep. My cues/shafts are the standard 29" but they sit really deep even with JP's. Is there any spacers that can be used, maybe cut dowels of correct diameter or is there something better? It's too tight to think of using any kind of sleeve. I...
  17. Johnny Rosato

    Gold Member

    What steps do I take for Gold Member?
  18. Johnny Rosato

    Carbon Fiber at Mosconi Cup

    I noticed only 3 of 10 players are using CF for their playing cue, Thorpe, Styer, and SVB. Not talking about break cues here or LD maple, only CF for playing cues. Seems it would be a gentlemanly gesture if some of the CF proponents here on Az would enlighten these folks to the benefits of CF...
  19. Johnny Rosato

    JB Cases discount codes?

    Anyone know if there are any discount codes to apply for purchase of a cases on his website? Thanks ahead.
  20. Johnny Rosato

    ABN Dreamchallenge - (rut-roh moment)

    Day 1 of the ABN Dreamchallenge Match. It sounds like JJ or maybe his co-commentator sliced off a big hunk of cheese at about the 29:33 mark. Clear as a bell to me but the wife said no, that I rigged the audio and shame on me. lol