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    What has happened to quality at Schon?

    It pains me to write this thread. I have been a longtime fan of Schon. I recently took delivery of a new Schon about two months ago. When I got it, I noticed some issues with the joint. The pin wasn't installed on center. Now, if this was a $200 cue, I wouldn't complain. A $1k cue? Yeah, that's...
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    FS: Mezz PB2, BK3, Mezz CP-13SW/CM, EDC, Rick Howard

    This is the first of my offerings, as I am clearing out everything that I have, as pool is no longer a prioriry. So, here are the offerings. More details pictures are available. Please PM me for details. 1. Mezz PB2 with Deep Impact 2 shaft. In awesome condition, aside from two small marks...
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    Does anyone have Jules Patterson's (EDC cues) contact info?

    I'm trying to get in touch with Jules about having a cue made. I have posted in other sections, but have yet to get any responses with any contact info. Does anyone have a number or email address for Jules?
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    EDC cues - Jules Patterson - contact info?

    Does anyone have Jules' contact information?
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    Ginacue pleads guilty
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    FS section needs a massive's an idea

    I used to like looking in the FS section to see what was kicking around. Over the past couple of years, the FS section has become 95% cue brokers, and the guy that's just trying to unload one or two of his used cues gets pushed back to page 12 in no time. So here's my idea - subsections. The...
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    Has the quality difference between "custom" and "production" become negligible?

    Has the quality difference between "custom" and "production" become negligible? Having recently took some time off from pool, and getting back into it, I ended up having to look at my cue inventory, and started horsing around with different manufacturers and custom cues. Perhaps, 10-20 years...
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    My "pay it forward"

    AZ, I got a divorce from pool last year, and now it's time that I split up our assets. I will be selling cues and various accessories. There is, however, something in my collection that I'm not going to sell. I'm actually going to give it away. I'm not telling what it is. All I am looking...
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    A night with the ladies of the WPBA

    The ladies hosted a charity tournament on Wednesday night at the Seneca Casino, the location of the Tour Championships. You could enter a team of 4 for $100, or enter single for $25, and get paired up. My friend, Dan Lewis (D_Lewis on AZB) twisted my arm (didn't take much twisting) into going...
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    Can a pool table be converted to a 3C table?

    Just wondering. I have a Brunswick Metro 4.5x9 table. Can it be re-railed to become a 3C table?
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    The first time I've seen Mika smile in a match....

    Sorry - I know I have a warped sense of humour......
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    Looking for Moori tips

    I've got my contacts for Kamui, Tiger, and Wizard tips. Who sells Moori tips here? Please PM me with your pricing. Please include price breaks on higher quantities. Thanks!
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    FS: Jacoby LTD - 2 shafts, 1 314-2

    Specs on the cue: Forearm - Birdseye Maple with 10 hi/low Ebony Spearhead points Wrap - Black/White spec Irish Linen (smoothest wrap I have ever felt) Butt Sleeve - Ebony with Hoppe style ring Joint - 5/16-14 phenolic w/Stainless steel sleeve, double silver rings Shafts - one Jacoby 12.4mm, 4oz...
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    FS: Joss Custom cue - 2 shafts

    Here are the particulars: Forearm - curly maple (instrument grade) with 5 African Blackwood points. 4 veneers - white, black, white THIN veneers, black CNC'd outside point. MOP diamond at the base of every point. Wrap - Antique White w/Black spec Irish linen. Butt Sleeve - 6 Holly windows...
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    FS: Joss break cue - 2 shafts

    This is a break cue (this is NOT a jump/break cue) I got from Joss last year. Here are the details: Forearm - Wenge Handle - Curly Purpleheart Butt Sleeve - Purpleheart with Wenge ring Shafts - 1 Joss 13.25mm, one 13.25 TnT Falcon break shaft Joint pin - 5/16-14, plastic joint ring (Joss no...
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    No respect for players that won't gamble?

    I've been reading a bunch of posts here from people, claiming that money players are better than tournament players. Some have gone so far as to call out or question player's "heart" because they won't gamble. The Europeans don't seem to like to gamble. That's their choice. I do not feel...
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    FT: 3 Kamui-II MS tips

    I have 3 Kamui-II MS tips (they are NOT the blacks) that I have no need for. I want to trade them for something. Anyone have any Samsara J/B tips that they want to trade? I will entertain any offers.
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    The coolest birthday cake EVER!!!

    My wife, as a passtime, makes cakes. She specializes in kid's birthday cakes, but every so often she decides to take on a challenge. Here's my birthday cake from this year. I'm taking it to league tomorrow night. The balls and chalk are made from fondant icing. The cue is a maple dowel with...
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    Misc cues for sale - players, jumpers, breakers

    Deleted - new threads for two Joss cues and Vikings
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    Was it the jump cue, or the jump tip?

    All this talk about jump cues has me thinking. I remember when the Mace and the Falcon J/B cues came out, people went out and got them. I had a Falcon J/B for years. Remember when the jump cue had a leather tip on it? Seemed like there was a lot more skill to the jump shot, even with the...