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    One Piece Slate Diamonds

    Looking for instructions to adjust a already installed Diamond. Have hit Google and U Tube and only found new installation video. I have a slight role out in one corner. How to adjust? Sent from my iPad using AzBilliards Forums
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    Brunswick Centennials or Aramith Tournaments?

    I would like them! Ship to 37043. PayPal? Sent from my iPad using AzBilliards Forums
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    WTB - Pool Ball Spotter

    Not many look at wanted, trying here. Would like to have a Pool Ball Spotter and cannot seem to locate any for sale. Would like to pay via PayPal (not as a gift) delivered to 37043. I see them listed at $77, but they are not in stock. Only interest in one in good working condition. Contact...
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    Pool Ball Spotter

    I would like to have one. If you have one you don't use in good working condition contact me by E-Mail: w0409@ Please include your price including shipping to zip 37043. Prefer to pay via PayPal, but not as a gift.
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    WTB - Byrnes Standard pool video Vol 2 DVD

    I would like to buy Robert Byrnes DVD Standard Pool Video Vol II. Please PM with condition and cost delivered to 37043. Include your PAYPAL account. Thanks, Chuck in TN
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    WTB Byrnes Vol 2 DVD

    I would like to have Robert Byrnes Standard Video of Pool, Vol. 2, DVD delivered to ZIP 37043. Prefer to use PAYAL. Please Pm with condition and price delivered and PAYPAL account. Thanks, Chuck
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    Needed - Joint Protectors for Lambros Ultra Joint

    I would like to buy joint protectors (butt and two shafts). Mike Lambros Ultra Joint Cue. Chuck in TN Email:
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    Instructor in KY

    I saw and tried to reply to a thread for a teacher giving three day classes in Mid KY but email was returned. I would like to schedule a class but can not find the information again. Please point me in the right direction! Thanks, Chuck